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  1. I should mention the width and length of the Yukon are snug for the Blazer. As far as height, I have no issues getting a gas auger inside of the Yukon, and there is still height clearance if you have the sled full of gear. Only issue then becomes weight, hard to load/unload the sled full of gear unless you have someone with you. One thing I did to make it a little easier is to save the box and cut it down to use for sliding the house in and out. Saves you from getting snow & dirt in the car as well.
  2. I have a 99 Blazer & Fish Trap Yukon which I believe is just smaller than the Voyageur. The Yukon just barely fits in my Blazer with the backseats folded down, not much room to spare. If you are buying it new, ask to see if you can try to fit the box in your car, if the box doesn't fit, then the Voyageur probably won't either.
  3. Walleyes and northerns probably. We'll try to catch whatever is willing to bite.
  4. First trip to Canada(Eagle Lake)in early September. As a newbie, what would you recommend to bring as far as fishing equipment and clothing? I imagine it could get a little cold in the mornings but warmer later in the day. Also don't want to haul all sorts of tackle up there if just the basics will do. Any "must have" items (clothing, gear, tackle) that might not be obvious? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I have an old canvas suitcase-style fish house I inherited from my dad, and our last name and hometown are printed on the outside. Now that I register it in my name, is it necessary to have my current hometown displayed, and do I need to have my driver's license number displayed? I have read the MN regs on this subject, and they don't seem quite clear.
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