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  1. Looking at purchasing a 2016 Crestliner or Lund. Looking for anyone's opinions on which way to go. Will be used primiarily on smaller to medium sized lakes. Sometimes will have a family with 3 children in it. What are the difference I may be missing? Any information is appreciated.
  2. nwa1819

    Top Water

    Just wondering do you guys start fishing top water lures this early in the season or do you wait for more weed growth?
  3. We really like Temperance River State park, lots of beautiful spots and right on the water. Has really nice shower rooms etc. Check it out!
  4. Thanks for the info on lakes available bassfshin24. We will be out there on the 21st.
  5. Thanks a lot guys for the information....I now have a good idea as to what to try! Will let you know if I have any success!
  6. I am not a walleye fisherman I generally fish bass, northern and panfish. The lake that my cabin is on is a murky brown lake with clarity right around 6ft. The bottom is mostly muck with some spots of rock and harder sand. Lots of reeds and lillypads. I have caught a lot of walleyes while fishing docks for bass with wackey worms and know they are out there just not sure how to fish for them on a lake like mine. Anyone with help for ways I should try would be appreciated. Also I will post below what the DNR HSOforum says to maybe better help you give me an idea?! Thanks in advance for anyhelp. The lake has a maximum depth of 40 feet and about 61% of the surface area is less than fifteen feet deep. It is classified as a hardwater lake with moderate phosphorus fertility. Water clarity was somewhat below average for lakes in the area. Soils in water less than four feet deep were primarily sandy, with varying amounts of muck, gravel and rubble sized (3-10") rock present, as well. The aquatic plant community was fairly diverse. Emergent species help control nutrients in the lake. Plants like bulrush provide shorelines with some protection from wave caused erosion. They also enhance the quality of spawning habitat for bass and panfish species. Wild rice can also enhance spawning habitat for northern pike. Submerged and floating leafed species provide important cover and food sources for a wide variety of aquatic life.
  7. Thank you everyone for your responses! Picking up a rod for my dad who does not fish as much or as hard as me, so I was thinking this would be a good fit since it is a little more affordable. Looks like I will be getting one! Thanks again.
  8. Any opinions on the quality of these rods and reels?
  9. Hey everyone, other then the BWCA, are there any chains of lakes in Minnesota where you can camp, portage, and not have boats with motors on the lake?
  10. nwa1819

    Bass Photos

    Dylan, did you get that smallmouth in Elk River?
  11. Thanks for the information so far guys!
  12. I am planning on trolling and casting crankbaits on opener in shallow water....less then 12ft. Any suggestions on brands, types etc would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Where can I find some cheap ones?
  14. We are camping three nights on High Lake, a portage away from Crooked. Any info on the lake. Good for swiming, fishing? Will the bug be bad last week of May?
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