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  1. Dynasty

    Neat Fishing Print!

    Wow, those look awsome. I could see something like that on the cover of infisherman. Leech, what do you think it would cost for you to do up a painting of a fish someone caught like you explained? That would be something really unique instead of just a replica/mount.
  2. Dynasty

    52.5 x 28 Mille Lacs Muskie...

    Quote: WOW what a Slabasourus... That infomercial drives me crazy!
  3. Dynasty

    Ice Fishing Show?

    Last year I got a clam 2000 for $140 dollars (retails $200), I thought I got a pretty good deal.
  4. Dynasty

    Any Action?

    I heard it was hard on bass (especially smallmouth taken from deep water) when they are caught in the winter.
  5. Dynasty

    Anyone seen Lindy's new Grub Getter?

    Quote: Personally I have no desire to purchase this item. If you buy your grubs in bulk, then maybe it would be a fun investment. Me? I buy the small containers and use them; I have plenty of them to use should I decide to buy in bulk. I'll take the $5 I saved and buy something else I "need". I dont see a use for it either, and I mostly buy bulk waxies. I just shake the tub a little and a few find their way to the top.
  6. Dynasty


    Dont you get it for free if you have a subscription? Atleast I think I did last year.
  7. Dynasty

    Marcum 560 vs. Aqua View 360 view split screen?

    How will one of these set a person back? I got a OVS 300 (something like that?) but all these new additions sound pretty cool.
  8. Dynasty

    Clam 2000 ???

    Ive got one, cant say Ive had that problem. Then again when walking out most of the heavier equipment goes in a sled and the lighter stuff (if anything) gets put on the house. The only problem Ive had is the poles freezing up due to moisture build up. But I dont think its just this brand/model with this problem.
  9. Dynasty

    Cool, check it out.....

    Even though they show up as annonymus doesnt mean the arn't registered, just not logged in.
  10. Dynasty


    For pike, quickstrike rigs with larger shiners. For walleye, a leader of 6lb. test with a regular hook.
  11. Dynasty

    B.A.S.S. Members.

  12. Dynasty

    To fish.....or not to fish?

    I really wished I could have been able to make it out tonight before the front comes through. I bet the fish would be biting pretty good, plus I just want to get a few extra trips in with the new boat. Not much time until early ice.
  13. Dynasty

    Fall Bass under docks

    Was out yesterday fished docks for bass. Jig/pig seemed to be the ticket. Just cast let it sit with a few shakes. Caught 5 in a few hours all decent fish (15" give or take and inch). Also had a big muskie follow a slow rolled spinnerbait to the boat.
  14. Dynasty

    Fall Bass under docks

    I always check the docks no matter what time of the year for bass. Ive heard that in the fall with lots of the weeds dying away bass will rely on docks, timber, or rocks more.