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  1. Call Muddy Creek Kennels in Jasper Mo. Believe me you won't be disappointed. Pretty much any color you want. Craig has been doing this along time. Good guy.
  2. Thanks for the ideas. But living in Missouri I need one shipped.
  3. Anyone seen any ice augers on sale? Reeds has a Jiffy for 320.00 with free shipping. Is that the best deal I'll find?
  4. It's to bad Wilf doesn't grow a set big enough to fire some of his personnel. But wait, he's still droolin' over that stadium.
  5. 1900_LE


    I see this is titled "Ponder". But what about Frazier? This guy looks like a statue standing on the sidelines. Don't you think that blank look on his face reflects to the players? Isn't he the one who said in the preseason "Ponder's my QB"? Maybe he's the problem. I remember when Chilly was there, everybody was all excited to get rid of him and see Frazier step in. Well, how's that working out? Mn needs a real coach not some hack that will do for the time being. Don't expect much from Cassel. He was a bozo at KC. Consistency is what wins games, not having one or two good plays per game. That,s just luck. Next is the Bears. You think they're gonna cut Ponder any slack? NO WAY! They'll tear the Vikings apart. Let's hope that Ziggy sees what's going on and makes changes before it's to late.....like in Dec.
  6. We decided we're going to go to Leech. Thanks for all the replys.
  7. I appreciate the info so far. Only thing is we really don't want to go any further then about Walker.
  8. The wife and I are planning to come to Mn ice fishing over the Xmas holidays. I lived in the Hackensack area 30 years ago. I came up there a few years ago, went to Mille Lacs. Caught nothing. She has never been ice fishing so I need some lakes that might be good. Also we need lodging that will let our Shorthairs stay too. Leech lake is where we've been going for open water fishing. But I've heard and read that Leech is nothing to get excited about in the winter. So, what are the suggestions. We do have a portable house and a RZR to get around on.
  9. My biggest concern is how well it works in bright sunlite. I've had a Marcum and a Cabela's in the past and they didn't do to well in sunlite.
  10. Anyone have one of these? Need info.
  11. You better do a little more research before you make such claims about aluminum boats (lund, alumacraft, etc.) being worthless in Missouri. I bought a 16' lund deep v back a few years ago, in Mn, brought it to Mo. and doubled my money. Those boats are REAL popular down this way. This may be bass fishing country, but a lot of guys will buy lund boats in place of a $50K bass boat. Heck we have one of the countries top Lund dealers right here in Southern Mo.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks maybe, just maybe, we're all being duped by NASCAR? Why wouldn't they (NASCAR), be making this woman look good for ratings? Isn't everything about the money these days? Why wouldn't they just over look her car so it will run just a little faster then every other car so she gets the pole? Why does she deserve to even be there? She's not that good. But with all the publicity she's bringing to the sport, that's a lot of money somebody's putting in their pocket. There is a lot of guys there that have tried for many years to sit on the pole, let alone win. A lot better drivers then she will ever be. Think about it. Doesn't it seem odd with NASCAR ratings dropping off, that she gets the pole. I guess come Sunday, we'll all get the answer. We'll see if she can drive in traffic as well as she can drive on a track by herself. She surely wasn't very impressive in the duel. But of course if she gets taken out it will be somebody else s fault, as it always has been in the past. These are just my thoughts. Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure does seem odd to me. Don't get me wrong, I liked her at one point. But I think it all went to her head.
  13. You might as well just cut them off. I had the same problem on the lodge I bought a couple years ago. I called Otter with no help what so ever. All they did was keep passing the buck until it was finally passed to the janitor, I think. Mine was so bad that I couldn't zip the door shut. You're right about one thing, you pay that kind of money, you should get some help. Not just be blown off. I paid over 700.00 for mine and was real disappointed. Learned my lesson. It's like buying a Harley, you just pay for the name.
  14. You better do some more research. Those shelters are built in China. At least the one I bought a couple years ago was. I doubt they've chained, but maybe they did. I'm not saying that they're not good quality, but there's enough companys out there misleading the public on where their merchandise is built.
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