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  1. Please add me to the list if it doesn't work out for the other... [email protected]
  2. I'll take it...email me at [email protected] I live in Prior lake so could pick up anytime. Thanks
  3. I'm interested in the chair...how big is it? Could you send me a picture when you have time, I could pick it up this weekend. [email protected] Thanks
  4. sounds good....just thought I would check...my wife has been hounding me about getting a headboard for the bed!
  5. Just incase the other thing falls through, I am interested...please email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  6. Interested in just the trailer if you are willing to split it up. Let me know a price and send a few pictures. Thanks [email protected]
  7. Let me know if danimal22 doesn't take it. [email protected] I will be up in Cross this weekend also, or else could pick it up sometime next week back home. Thanks
  8. junior9

    Being Safe?

    Any tips or suggestions on being safe during early ice for someone who is new to early ice fishing and somewhat timid on the ice even in late January? Maybe things you do to test the ice as you walkout or things you can do as you venture forward on the ice?
  9. Looking to buy my boat from my uncle...we are trying to determine a fair price it is a 1985 bayliner capri, 19 foot, I/O Volvo Motor. Any idea how to determine a fair price or any input on what it is worth? Thanks.
  10. So is it legal to carry Two-ways as long as you don't share hunting info, or is having them with you a risk that one should not take?
  11. I too am very sorry for your loss...I have a 1 year old GSP that would be very very hard to lose... Also, right after reading this post...I got a call from a friends who's dog was just hit by a car and died...what a sad day! I am defineatly going to give my buddy a huge hug when I get home.
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