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  1. I had a great time learning with my new camera. I am looking forward to using it a lot more in the coming months.
  2. Spent the weekend in NW Iowa / SW MN a few weeks ago. I figured since the boat was not in could use some practice with the new camera. There were a lot of ducks in the area.
  3. scoutWBL

    Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    NR=$41 for the season.
  4. scoutWBL

    Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    I'm headed to Big Spirit tomorrow afternoon for my first weekend at the cabin since Nov...Can't wait! Had a great open water year with the walleyes, hopefully I can keep it up. How it travel on the ice? Any issues with acces
  5. Made it out for a few hours on Sat east of Hinckley. Flushed 6 birds, shot at 3, bagged 1. It felt great to get back in the woods!
  6. Hugo - I just picked up a puddler tonight, I'd love to see the raffia job you did.
  7. Guns are clean the truck is loaded... My dog clearly can't read a calendar as he is laying on his chair like it is any other night. Good luck to everyone who is making it out tomorrow.
  8. scoutWBL

    Perm House Lighting

    I will look into the power draw... what i know is the light lasted over 30 hours... much better than what we were getting last season.I plan on going with the high e lights.
  9. scoutWBL

    Perm House Lighting

    I took AndyM's advice and tried the high-e 12 volt. I hooked it up last night and let it run to get see how long it would last.... 23 hours later it is still lit up. This is MUCH better than the regular 12v we ran last year.
  10. scoutWBL

    Perm House Lighting

    Thanks. Our house has limited ceiling clearance so I am concerned with bulbs hanging.
  11. scoutWBL

    Perm House Lighting

    Thanks for the responses. We have looked at a few LED light tube options, I'll check the pucks out today. Does anyone use the RV style lighting that you find in many manufactured fish houses?
  12. scoutWBL

    Perm House Lighting

    looking for advice on fish house lighting options. We are finishing our perm (8x10 skid house) and plan to run 12 volt the majority of the time. Currently we have two 12 volt light bulbs but are unimpressed with the battery life we have been getting. What's everyone else running? Are there good LED options out there? RV lighting? Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  13. scoutWBL

    ??'s on pulling boards

    again... great post. I tired my new boards in Iowa last week with no luck. Conditions were less than ideal, I look forward to giving them another go.
  14. scoutWBL

    Walleye Weekend

    Well I did not make it for the weekend but I did fish Tuesday and Wednesday on Spirit. The wind was tough to deal with but we managed 11 walleyes on Tuesday 8 of which went into the live well. Imagine my surprise when I hooked into a mid 30s 'ski while drifting a crawler in 9FOW. The fish was quickly released and swam away strong. Wednesday was WINDY...We were not sure we would even make it off the lift. We took advantage of a lull in the wind around 2pm and fished from Marbles down to Templar picking up 5 more fish including 3 keepers. The great majority of our fish came from 10-12FOW on leaches behind spinners @ around .8-1 MPH. We had a great time hopefully I can make it back down in the next few weeks.
  15. scoutWBL

    Walleye Weekend

    No reports yet... .I hope that means everyone is out crushing some walleyes.