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  1. mnwaterfowler13

    anyone get drafted by from the gophers

    I think Kare-11 said that VanDeSteeg got signed tonight by the Ravens
  2. mnwaterfowler13

    Weekend Expectations

    Out in ND, main lakes continue to be at least partially open and filled with TONS of birds- snows, blues, canadas, and ducks(divers and puddlers. if you can get on a good field it would be crazy with the amounts of birds that i saw out there today while upland bird hunting
  3. mnwaterfowler13

    Waterfowl Season Starts Saturday

    Fishlakeman i think said it best. i have been out a few times, but a sports related injury has really hampered my season so far. i have had buddies go out near Valley City and limit on ducks and geese fairly quickly but i also had another buddy who had his dad come out and for him the ducks were hard to come by. i do think alot of this is loation and knowledge of the area though. still waiting for the big push of birds to come through
  4. mnwaterfowler13

    Has anyone tried making Pheasant Jerky?

    My dad has made pheasant jerky before and it was pretty tasty, quite a different taste and texture than duck and goose.
  5. mnwaterfowler13

    How to tell a Ducks age?

    Ok so one way to tell HY or AHY is to look at the tertial feathers that are located nearest to the body when the wing is outstretched. If they are rounded and wide, it is an adult male bird but birds can always lose feathers and replace them so it is never certain. If the 4 outermost primary coverts have a buffy edge that can help to identify an immature bird. For the tail feathers, look at the tip and if the feather continues to the end, it can be AHY but again, I learned these when we went to band ducks in September of last year so my memory is a little sketchy. A good HSOforum to use for a guide of age, sex, and species. http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/birds/duckplum/index.htm
  6. mnwaterfowler13

    How to tell a Ducks age?

    You can only tell if a bird is hatch year or after hatch year based on physical appearance. It takes some time to properly identify the correct characteristics. I know the feathers of the tail can work earlier in the season but after that, during the bulk of the hunting, it gets much more difficult. I learned this last year in one of my college classes and I am no pro, nor do I want to give out descriptions of the features being that I am not sure of the age identification myself. I will go look for my old papaers I kept from last year to get a more precise answer.
  7. mnwaterfowler13

    Do you like Rain?

    I seem to always do better in the rain but i am always on water that might be a reason, but the better hunts of my life so far seem to be in the rain over water
  8. mnwaterfowler13

    Decoy rigging

    My dad found some of those rig em right set ups for closeout last year and they work wonderfully. Too bad they are kind of expensive when they are not on sale.
  9. mallard wood duck shoveler gwt bwt wigeon pintail gadwall redhead ringneck canvasback bluebill bufflehead ruddy common merganser hooded merganser canada My favorite duck has to be the wigeon, cant wait to harvest a beauty to get put on the wall
  10. mnwaterfowler13

    Duck Stew Recipe

    Hello, I am looking for a good duck stew recipe to use now that the season has kicked into high gear. Thanks!
  11. mnwaterfowler13

    QUICK: Tonights Prediction

    New Orleans - 38 Vikings - 17
  12. mnwaterfowler13

    Duck ID

    I agree, with the current restrictions, at least a basic knowledge of identification is necessary. I had a basic understanding before, but I had to take a fisheries and wildlife techniques class in college where we learned how to indentify by the wing to be failsafe. I was not new to duck hunting this year, but what I learned makes it so much easier and a better duck hunter overall.
  13. mnwaterfowler13

    Waterfowl Season Starts Saturday

    I go to school as well as hunt in Valley City my Fish and Wildlife professor has commented many times on the amount of CRP that has dissappeared. I have noticed this as well when duck hunting last weekend as fields have been plowed and turned into cropland, but not only fields but also smaller weetlands within fields have been drained and plowed over.
  14. mnwaterfowler13

    Ortonville ???

    my dad and another friend lease a little bit of land near barry and thay have said that it is filled with ducks this year, but reports can always change quickly out in that part of the state