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  1. McKilligans range west of town just a few miles. Nothing fancy, its open to the public but I believe it is closed during the winter months. Welcome to watertown!
  2. I have a 73' ski-doo olympique i was maybe thinking about getting restored. sled is in overall pretty good condition and runs well. Do any of you know of any reputable places that do this sort of thing? anybody else ever had a old sled restored??
  3. heres some from this year, fish range from 18"-20.5"
  4. Thanks hamm scoot, I do not use the trolling plate very often but it does have its time and place. I can troll down to about .9mph with it all the way down, i use it mostly on windier days when its hard to get the rpm's just right. I also use it in the spring sometimes when crankin them cold water eyes. I do loose some boat control while using it, steering is a bit more difficult, but not too bad
  5. Braved the cold last weekend and got into some fish. heres a few of the better ones
  6. im a huge fan of the Rat'l Trap, Rattlin Rap, and jointed shad raps. Next favorite would be the X-rap and X-rap minnows. Size of plug depends on depth im working of course. Something that makes some noise i think is key. In the last 2 years i have almost quit pulling plugs and now cast them 75% of the time in the summer. If ya ask me its the funnest way to catch walleyes.
  7. Good ideas fellas, one more thing i carry is a bunch of carpet sample pieces, about 2'x4' put them under the tires and presto!! your movin again!! Floor mats also work just as well!
  8. Ditto to perch eyes, they run a great outfit, have gone with them the last 2 years
  9. Ill be on DL jan 1st thru the 5th, just wondering how much snow they got on the lake.
  10. Oh of course, my labs are my best fishin buddies ever!! rarely do I go without them!! Summer or ice fishin!! Daisy, my pretty girl, 18 months Heres Rush, my big boy 5 1/2 Here they are together ice fishin with me last winter Hangin out in the boat!
  11. Some recent catches Its been slower lately, but still gettin some BIG fish, weather patterns have made it tough, Was out beginning of august, and was wishing i had my coat and bibs on, she was a bit chilly!!
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