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  1. I was wanting to make the switch also with my .270, I bought a box of the Barnes VOR-TX and for me at 27 yards (yes 27 yards would get me close to a 250 yard zero) they shot 4" high and 2" to the right, When I checked how the bullet was seated in the case they were all loose to the point i could spin them in the case. I called Barnes and they said that is common for all copper bullets to hit high and to the right and to be loose in the case like that. I ended up getting them dialed in but I'm going to stick with my Federal fusion ammo since it's easier to find and half the price.
  2. I have 4 5MM FMJ arrows size 400, with 50 grain brass inserts installed. They are great arrows, just a little on the light side for my setup. They are cut to 28-5/8" from the nock valley to the tip of the arrow, but the insert can be heated and removed so the arrow can be cut shorter. One arrow is missing 1 fletching but are in great shape. I'll also include 10-100 grain field tips and 6 broadhead adapter rings Asking $40 for them and am willing to ship, but buyer pays shipping costs.
  3. For sale is a 48"x48" archery target with a total shooting surface of 45" wide by 37" tall, it's 12" deep and able to stop my arrows shot at 15 feet out of a bow with an IBO of 340 fps. This is great for long range shooting or placing behind you 3D target to stop those rogue arrows. Asking $150 obo Features: 7.5" wheels and a handle 12" thick Hinged top board for easy of repacking Target face is attached to cedar boards for ease of replacing Large shooting surface
  4. Little under a day to get your team in, here's who I'm going with for now. Christie Montgomery Herren Browning Ocamica
  5. These guys have been around for a week or so now, they love the grape jelly. Both Baltimore and Orchard showing up lately, also a thresher has been hanging around
  6. I finally just said screw it, so I picked a couple of guys that I thought would do good (Christie, and Rojas) and some over looked guys that have had a little success this year, and were from the area. Would never had expected Alton Jones Jr, to go from 80 something place on day 1 to the top 12. Glad he was on my team though
  7. Well my team didn't do too bad I had 3 make it to day 3 (Dean Rojas finished 54th), and 2 fished Sunday. I actually landed in the 96th percentile for the tournament and bumped me up to 80.1% as of now.
  8. It sounds like their 5 biggest bass will be their weight not the total weight of all the bass caught
  9. I was beginning to think everyone was asleep on here after the fishing opener. Here's my lineup Christie Combs (he really needs a good turn out here, before they head up north) Rojas Alton Jones Jr. Niggemeyer We'll see how they do with the format that every bass is weighted and counts and only their biggest is weighted on the stage. It almost has a MLF feel to this tournament.
  10. I had one show up yesterday for the first time this year, also seeing more gold finches. Question for you guys what type of seed do you put out to feed the GB's, also anyone have any tips on keeping the grackles away?
  11. I thought I was doing good with 3 making the top 50 cut but none of them made the final cut. Where the heck did JVD and KVD find their fish to move so far up the leaderboard, they're putting the hammer down on them today also.
  12. I went all over the board on this one hope it works out A. Christie B. Palaniuk C. Powroznik D. Browning E. Biffle
  13. Have any of you guys tried the Stanley ribbit frogs? I picked up a couple of packs at my local wally world for a $1 a pack. On a side note I saw a video of Jacob Wheeler talking about using a buzzbait and putting a biffle bug on it instead of a skirt, he mentioned that they hit it better and hold on to it a little longer since there is some mass there. I wonder if a zoom horny toad would work for that as well since the biffle bugs are expensive.
  14. HAs anyone here used this software to map your lakes? Has anyone downloaded the lakes that are on the shared cloud? I have a hook 7 and some of the lakes around have been mapped, it would be nice to download them and use that instead of the other map.
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