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  1. I was 14th on the waiting list I think, so you may have had a chance. And I had signed up the first day registration opened. $125 to be a Marshall. That includes a shirt, a dinner with the pro's, and I'm told...a gift bag with some gift cards and such. I think $125 is a small price to pay for 3 days of learning from the pro's though.
  2. Here's more info on the schedule for Bass University on Saturday.
  3. Yup, that's the main reason I signed up. Watching how those guys fish it first hand will be invaluable.
  4. I'll be out there as a marshal! I was on the waiting list but got an email last week asking me to get in....so of course I took it. I can't wait. There's a dinner Wednesday night with all the Marshals and pro's so I should get to meet everyone. And of course I'll be riding with different guys Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Hopefully I'll get Swindle one day since he's the one trying to hold off the pack right now, although he's got a BIG lead. Of course there's a lot of big names that'd be fun/interesting to ride with.
  5. Very cool, congrats. I saw that on FB also and registered. Nice to see a local guy win it.
  6. blakjack23

    Classic Bass

    It would be one thing if it was just adding WI, but I don't want to have to dig through AL fishing results. And for the record. I still put in fishingmn.com when I come to this site.
  7. blakjack23

    Classic Bass

    Chalk me up for another unsatisfied customer. I don't like the fact that there are going to be multiple states on there now.
  8. I haven't seen line lift up, but I've been out a couple times when I've lifted my rod tip and heard it start 'buzzing'. Pretty crazy.
  9. My buddy pulls a 17.5 ft aluminum bass boat with his Murano. It does have the CVT transmission and pulls fine. Does the CVT even have overdrive? I'm pretty sure if it does that he has never taken it out of OD and he has never had any issues either.
  10. Check out americanlegacyfishing. They have Shimano Symetre's on closeout right now for $59. Usually $99.
  11. Definitely not to early, in the metro area anyway. I got big fish, 4.7, on a jig in my league Monday. 3 feet of water. Probably a tad early to get a good jig bite going out deep yet though, depending on the lake.
  12. It seems like a big increase, but license fees had not gone up in 12 years. So its not bad at all considering that. I also found out they have a new 3 year fishing license. It only saves you $1 a year, but at least you wouldn't have to bother getting a new license every year. I will be doing the 3 year next year for sure.
  13. blakjack23

    pre-spawn bass

    Thats definitely true.
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