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  1. bigsandynorth1

    Tree Help

    Hello, I want to plant additional trees and my soil is solid clay. Would a white pine or spruce tree survive in this type of soil? Or should I stick to a maple. Thanks for any help
  2. bigsandynorth1

    Own a Polaris, click here!

    2008 Sportsman 500 EFI, Blue, Aluminum rims. Sweet machine, 60 miles on it.
  3. bigsandynorth1

    Window Question

    Yeah thanks guys for the help, I adjusted my air exchanger which controls the humidity level and this morning it wasn't nearly as bad. Thanks for the help,
  4. bigsandynorth1

    Polaris vs Honda

    Snake River...."they have no power and they just seem way to heavy." Polaris has no power, I think you maybe a little confused! My polaris will out muscle my buddies Rincon any day!
  5. bigsandynorth1

    Window Question

    Windows are 4 years old...Vinyl Lite The window is facing east, how do they replace the seal or is the window junk. Do you think it may still be covered under warranty?
  6. bigsandynorth1

    Window Question

    I woke up this morning and my bedroom Window was completly covered in ice. The window is shut tight and locked, no other windows in the house were like this? Anyone have any ideas?
  7. bigsandynorth1

    Antler mounting

    I think there is a previous posting about this...I cut the antlers off a deer I shot, what is the best way to get the remainder of the skin/hair off the base of the antlers. Do you clean the antlers with anything or put a sealer on them? Thanks for any advice!
  8. The best season ever, buddies and I limited out pretty much every time in the western metro, slaughtered the geese and ducks.
  9. I dress in layers fleece and wool and then put a thin orange fleece jacket on last with nice pockets, this way if it is warm out or I am doing a lot of walking I can take layers off and wear the thinner orange coat. I have buddy's that buy under armor this and under armor that and real expensive jackets and it's funny how they get cold and I never do. I tell them to buy wool and dress in layers, but I guess they worry about "looks" out in the woods. I wear wool pants as well, they are warm, silent and durable.
  10. bigsandynorth1

    Polaris vs Honda

    Thanks guys for the feedback on the two brands, I can't pass up the deal on the Sportsman 500. I can't see anything that the honda beats the polaris on. I know the Honda motors are excellent, but so are the polaris engines. The polaris looks like it's built so much stronger and suspension is awesome. Sorry Honda guys, but it's polaris time! Thanks
  11. bigsandynorth1

    Polaris vs Honda

    What wheeler would you get? I am leaning towards one, but want feedback. Sportsmans 500 HO carb or Honda Rincon 500 carb Thanks for the advice
  12. bigsandynorth1

    Why is baiting illegal here?

    Leech says.. "UPnorth, your a little south to be using that handle aren't ya." Well leech, it depends on where you come from, if I live south of BSL it's very appropriate I would think, don't you? Maybe you don't know the difference between north and south? It may not be up north to you but to someone it is. Leech, you sure like to argue, who do you argue with when you are hunting, the tree? Hey Leech, at least you always win when arguing with the tree!
  13. bigsandynorth1

    Why is baiting illegal here?

    Leech, you don't know the difference between the two?? Seems pretty easy to figure out. Not to sound rude but this topic is dragging on, but you have a pile of bait and a field of crop. The corn is yellow in color and will most likely be in a pile next to a trail...If you have been by a farm, look out in the fields and this is what a food plot will look like depending what the hunter decides, most likely beans or corn. I hope this information helps you so you know the difference. Move on, who cares! If your jealous, go talk to a farmer and get permission!
  14. bigsandynorth1

    Why is baiting illegal here?

    Vister your taking this a little far because now you could say portable deer stands should not be allowed, we hunters should climb a tree and sit on a limb. Lets move on with this topic, agree to disagree and we will have to see what legislature does with this issue. Until then, shoot straight!
  15. bigsandynorth1

    Deer hunting as it should (could) be

    If you don't like to hunt in MN, that's fine. That will just allow us who love it here more opportunities. I love MN deer hunting, there are huge bucks here, it just takes a little work boys. It just makes it that much sweeter when you do get one, not to sound like a jack A** but go ahead and leave the state to hunt, bye, bye!