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  1. People are eyeing a concern involving meat from deer. Experts from seven states are concerned enough about meat from deer, they met in Minnesota Wednesday to discuss lead fragments recently found in deer. The fragments are caused from hunter's ammunition and in some cases the lead found in venison has meant an end to food shelf donations. As a result, lead found in deer will likely lead to changes in its hunt. "North Dakota dealt with this very early on they ended up pulling venison off of their food shelves," said Minnesota DNR's Dave Schad. Several months ago Minnesota and other states followed North Dakota's lead. Initial screening results by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture found evidence of lead in 30 percent of its more than 200 samples, which was more than enough to grab the attention of public health officials, the state's deer hunting association and DNR officers. "Lead is a serious toxin and it has been removed from many other products gasoline, paint, plumbing supplies, tackle and ammunition, we haven't gone there yet, but the fact is it's a serious neurological-toxin and something that we need to be very concerned about," said Schad. Some hunters argue they've been shooting deer with lead bullets for years and never had a problem before and Minnesota Deer Hunter's Association Mark Johnson has fielded hundreds of calls from concerned hunters. "It's a generational split very much the younger people say is there something to this and what should we do to make it safer so we can reduce our risk and that's a good question," said Johnson. Today's meeting helped all of the offices involved get on the same page and figure out what to tell hunters. A couple ideas tossed around; using copper bullets instead of lead ones and keeping a closer eye on deer processing.
  2. Is it run and gun or do you all enjoy a more heritage style? Part of it to me should be teaching others quality hunting. I took my wife who is a non hunter with me once. We both had a great time. She was scarred out of her wits though...LOL Being that I tree stand hunt we opted to find a downed pine. From there, every little sound[especially those red squirrels] had her moving her head around like a deer showing it's alertness...LOL I really get a kick out of those times and that to me is very worth my time hunting. Good luck as the season aproaches {yes, 3 months till bow opener, early goose and dove!!!} be a good person and try to think about whom you could enjoy your hunt with. As with all sports It's in sharing. And we should never expect anyone to be like ourselves, as we are all individual. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine..Now go get started! Get re-aquainted with your guns and bows atlatels and slingshots. And take someone with.
  3. I do agree. Some people just do not enjoy quality recreational time. I feel that spending time afield makes one apprecite hunting way more than others. Very good questions all around.
  4. I really disagree witht the statement below ...whom ever wrote it really duped the MN Hunters, as I don't see any real input from MN hunters being taken into part of Zone 4 mangement. The DNR takes public notes but reports show how condescending the program is. Heck did they really talley the votes? All it showes is what the citizens supported and what they did not. ----- “Given that the regulation would be largely social in nature, it would be difficult to pursue without majority support from deer hunters. We will continue to look at different ways of managing deer populations that incorporate biological and social aspects of deer management.” And then this report is from early March Outdoor News. At Monday's meeting, hunters expressed a variety of concerns about the proposal, including how it would affect deer populations; whether or not it would create crowding issues on the opening day of the season; and how antlerless permits would be allocated, said Ken Varland, DNR southern region wildlife manager at New Ulm. Most of the people who spoke at the meeting were opposed to the proposal, and agency officials also handed out a questionnaire at Monday's meeting. The results haven't been tallied, but “just a quick look indicates there was moderate support, but there were negative comments, too; people who don't support it,” Varland said. While a citizens committee advanced the simplification proposal, the DNR says a nine-day season in Zone 4 won't hurt deer populations. “I think people have a hard time believing that,” Varland said. Since 2003, 15 permit areas have been moved from Zone 4 to Zone 2. That's been accompanied by a 2-percent decrease in total harvest and a 6-percent decrease in buck harvest, according to Marrett Grund, deer researcher for the DNR in Madelia. Additional, officials say Zone 4 “functionally doesn't exist” because all-season, multi-zone buck, and youth antlerless licenses have allowed many hunters to hunt both seasons. The simplification proposal would create a continuous nine-day season in Zone 4, rather than two weekends and two opening days. “The addition of three weekdays does not influence deer harvest and may spread it out and create a more ‘relaxed' hunt,” according to Grund's presentation at the meeting. The reaction to the proposal to eliminate the all-season license and instead allow hunters to buy three stand-alone licenses (firearms, muzzleloader, and archery) was a “mixed bag,” Varland said, but when hunters realized that buying all three would be the same cost as an all-season license - and they would save money by buying only two of them - they tended to be supportive. House hearings At the same time as it's taking public input on the proposals, the DNR also is presenting the package to lawmakers, since many of the ideas would need legislative approval. The agency presented it to the Senate and the House. The plan is to implement the changes as soon as this fall. “It's not pre-empting the public part; it's just that it all has to be done at once,” Cornicelli said. Sounds pre-emptive to me. Did the reports hinder the legeslation and house ruling? Did the DNR just happen to leave some of the facts out of the submitted propolsels? I'm sure the hearing transcrpits willl show what the proposel detailed, because they had already made their direction clear as to the plan being implemented this fall. Basically it looks like they are disregarding votes.
  5. Does that include an electric scooter?
  6. Thorn

    Broadhead regulations?

    TY Powerstroke. I really like the fact they have it worded, must be sharp. I can remember a couple years ago getting my bow right before the season and practiced with the heads. Heck I almost forgot to sharpen them. Not to mention a couple were loose!..
  7. Thorn

    What did you do when this site was down

    I finally took a bath.
  8. Thorn

    favorite beer/food combo?

    beer?..Blech. If I were to flavor something with food it'd be Sweet Tea. Heck Ya'll don't know what yer missin. Pulled Pork sammich with smothered in cloleslaw a dash of apple cider viniger and a japaleno. A jug of sweet tea and a game of Rook..Yes Sir. Heck, what's a cheese curd?
  9. Just wanted to know what the DNR regs are on cutting width. , I've seen some small broadheads like a one piece compared to some mechanicals.
  10. Thorn

    Mosquito Control

    Resting in the vegetation...LOL Heck That's all I have around my yard. So when they leave the neigbors yard I just get enamered by twice as many. Oh well, got to love the deep woods. Give and take. By the way I've had tons of draggies here in the last couple days. It's been cool out so alot have just been kinda dazed and confused, and many have falllen prey to ants..Darn it. Hope they make it through as they'll be chasen the Mosqos when the temps get back to norm.
  11. I'm one that don't know a thing about copper. Solid or Jacketed...well except jacketed means to cover another element like lead. As I see it having solid copper isn't good for deer...But I sure ain't the one to say.
  12. Heck , now back on topic of what the meeting was really about. Lead. They were going to talk about what to do with the venison donationm program and use of lead bullets [Note from admin: Edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  13. Thorn

    My bow strings....

    Thank you sir, There's a pro shop out towards Mora on 65 I think. I have seen a huge arrow on their building. Heck one time I saw about 60 deer carcuses pilled up there too...LOL I bet they could help me. ---------
  14. Thorn

    ARE YOU GUYS shooting

    Mossy Oak X Bow { a compopund by PSE} at Cabelas less than 400 clams I think PSE , Browning, Parker, Martin Bear all on sale...heck ya better hurry Before they stop the sale...LOL [note from admin-please read forum policy before posting again.]
  15. Thorn

    ARE YOU GUYS shooting

    got mine and my sons out last week, definantly started at 10 yards, and have some issues to deal with before perfecting placement...String twist, loose bolts and gobblers running around the range..Geeze if I can only get 'em there next year...LOL Oh yeah, wax...need more wax!