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  1. mn_bowhunter

    Fish House Build

    Nice house. You got yourself a lake whitefish, not a tullibee (cisco). Downturned mouth is a dead giveaway.
  2. mn_bowhunter

    12v trolling motor on 24v setup

    I want to add a transom mount trolling motor and have a 24v bow mount. My 3rd battery runs the other electronics including starting so I don't want to run that down. I'm worried that if I run my 12v troller to one of the batteries on my 24v setup I'll kill the batteries. I also don't want to add a 4th battery to my small boat. Can I run a parallel wiring setup to the 2 batteries I have while they are in series to the front? My other thought was a way to reduce the voltage, but the load might be an issue. I really don't need the thrust of a 24v transom mount, but if I have to go that route I will. Anyone run a similar setup?
  3. mn_bowhunter

    re carpeting lund pro v

    Mine was glued down but it wasn't holding anymore. I had to replace the plywood so I didn't have to deal with the old adhesive.
  4. mn_bowhunter

    re carpeting lund pro v

    I did my alumacraft a couple years ago and the carpet was the easiest part of the remodel. I don't know how your boat was assembled, but mine had the carpeted floor installed first then the compartments. If I would have just replaced the carpet I would have had to cut along the livewell and rod locker and cut new carpet to fit. If you go that route make sure the edges are glued well. I stole my wife's rolling pin to get good glue contact.
  5. mn_bowhunter

    disputing an invoice/labor charge for service call

    I think you are assuming you are being billed for the wasted time and that is the real issue here. You say he left, then went and searched for parts, then returned around 2 hours after he left. $180 for 2 hours of a plumbers time sounds about right to me. It doesn't hurt to call and ask for an explanation of the bill. Service calls are always going to sting since they have to cover the time spent getting parts and driving in the billed time.
  6. Read statute 86B.13. This program is different than the other AIS laws. Copied directly from the trailer decal statute: (e) Violation of this section shall not result in a penalty, but is punishable only by a warning The AIS laws referenced in the DNR link are not pertaining to the training and decal laws.
  7. Research I've seen has shown over 90% of boaters are aware of AIS laws. This program is pointless. I also want point out that in the statute it also says that violation is punishable by warning only - no tickets. MN COLA pushed hard to get this passed.
  8. mn_bowhunter

    New Pond

    It's simply a matter of digging down to expose the surface water table. How deep depends on how far down to water so that question can't be answered. You saying semi wet makes me think you should contact the local administrator of the wetland conservation act. It's normally the county or local soil and water conservation district. If you do go forward and it happens to be a wetland it can be a huge headache that is easily avoided.
  9. mn_bowhunter

    Private stocking.

    DNR fisheries is the permitting contact. Get ahold of your area office.
  10. mn_bowhunter

    Septic System update

    It really depends on the area and if the soils are suitable. Around here it's mostly sand with enough separation to groundwater. I was quoted around $6,000 a couple years ago for a 3 bedroom sized system. Mounds are pretty rare here.
  11. mn_bowhunter

    Aluminum fish house shell

    I did a few yettis with extruded foam between the aluminum studs. Wood furring strips were attached to the studs and we added 3/4 extruded between those. The roof was the same. Floor spray foamed. I'd do it the same if I had the choice. 8 x 16 houses with empire direct vent heaters. Before the heaters were installed I could hold 70 degrees with a buddy heater no problem.
  12. mn_bowhunter

    Tree Roots - Copper Sulfate

    Other thing to keep in mind is what you should or shouldn't be putting down the drain. Copper sulfate is nasty stuff. If you've got a septic system you could do more harm than good.
  13. mn_bowhunter

    Bad Flooring

    Post some pictures. It's hard to say without seeing the floor. Get a hygrometer and monitor your humidity levels in the home. I'm a hardwood guy, but it sounds like moisture may be the culprit. Far too many subs will install before the house is dry enough and problems like this arise. Did they test moisture content of the subfloor before installing?
  14. mn_bowhunter

    Attic Insulation - Hire Out or DIY?

    I saved a buck a bag hiring it out. I had fiberglass blown in and was quoted $1 less per bag installed than I could buy it for. It's worth looking into. I did do the baffle vents myself since that did save money. I'm glad I asked an insulation guy in passing what he'd charge.
  15. mn_bowhunter

    First Ice and the Spud Bar (Chisel)

    Go under the ice and listen to an auger grind away and tell me it's stealth. If fish are afraid of noise explain how the fastest limit of walleyes I've ever pulled happened when some buddies drove snowmobiles around me to be annoying. No lie 6 walleyes in under 3 minutes on 2 lines. What is a bigger problem is those idiots wearing life jackets or using seat belts.
  16. mn_bowhunter

    refinishing laminate wood floors

    Definately test in an inconspicuous area. As someone who has recoated, refinished and installed thousands of square feet of flooring I can tell you I've seen my share of homeowner screw ups. Newer factory finished floors rarely get adhesion on a recoat. Older floors such as yours may work. Purplefloyds method is what I do as well when recoating. Make sure you allow the test to dry and cure, then give it the scratch test with a fingernail. If it flakes don't waste your time.
  17. mn_bowhunter

    Drop shotting for ice fishing?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but 2 hooks tied separately on the same line constitutes 2 lures which is illegal. The exception is up to 3 flies may be used for trout and panfish. I always wondered if I could use 3 flies while ice fishing for bluegills since I do sometimes use small beadheads when fish are finicky.
  18. mn_bowhunter

    reclaimed wood flooring

    Should also be mentioned that you need to make sure your subfloor is adequate. 3/4" plywood or if OSB I like 1". I like staples because I have torn out lots of flooring as well and stapled floors are a pain to remove. Twist nailed and cleated floors are better than smooth nails, but do not hold as well as staples IMO. Also, although the staples won't penetrate the floor joists much I'd still try to hit them all.
  19. mn_bowhunter

    reclaimed wood flooring

    I've installed lots of wide flooring and in any case we went over 6" width it got glued with subfloor adhesive and stapled. I prefer staples over cleats in almost all cases. The exceptions being extremely dense brazilian woods and bamboo I like cleat nailers better. If you don't glue it be ready for it to cup and crown, squeak, and gap out. You should expect to get gaps either way, but I think they will be less severe if glued.
  20. mn_bowhunter


    I put out about 18-24 mallard dekes and add a half dozen bills. Sometimes I'll use a dozen. I'm not rigged for longlines and have individual lines/weights on each decoy. If using 6 bills I'll put them off to the side angling toward the blind and farther from shore than the mallards. I have many divers come in on the string and sit in the open space between mallards and bills. If they won't light the pass shoots can be a blast. I'd like to get more divers, but $ is an issue. I plan to paint some old mallards to look like redheads. I'd get a few bufflehead and goldeneyes to put in the mix.
  21. mn_bowhunter

    Elk Lake

    Elk has been stocked with fingerlings annually since 2001 according to lakefinder. Around 275 per year until 2008 when 135 were put in annually. The forage base is great for getting big fish. I wasn't aware of the harvest by some on the lake - learn something new every day. I'm glad it's C&R now as the number of 48" or larger fish has got to be low.
  22. mn_bowhunter

    Elk Lake

    I don't know of any plan to put muskies into Itasca and I'm pretty well connected. I also never heard of any locals pounding elk and taking every legal fish out - at least not park rapids local. I did hear a rumor about a guy netting fish in the spring and taking them out. I assume someone saw DNR fisheries personnel collecting eggs and made up their own story. I haven't been out there since June, but lost a 40"+ pike next to the boat after a couple runs.
  23. I have a Foiles meat grinder. I actually like my Buck Gardner canada hammer much better. The canada hammer sounds better to me and is easier for me to blow. It's also only $20. My next call will more than likely be a zink.
  24. mn_bowhunter

    AIS Sticker

    That's already the case at most DNR accesses I use. It doesn't matter as most people don't notice a 2' high by 3-4' wide sign. I'm for increased fines for offenders or increased funding for control research.
  25. mn_bowhunter

    Rockbass record...state shutdown

    I'm not sure why he cares about the rock bass record. I caught a 15" close to 3# rocky and ate it about 10 years ago. My buddy thought it was walleye I fed him.