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  1. If it doesn't bother the rest of you...fine. But I am raising 3 sons on my own and using politically correct terminlogy shows respect for both men and women.
  2. thread was started on this in the Gals Luv to Fish Forum...check out "Welcome Fisherman" Let's keep this topic going...maybe we can make ANGLERS a universal term.
  3. Anyone know what guide service is guiding this trip? Mcquiods Lodge on Mille Lacs Lake, Isle, MN Description: Course details: Join us at Mc Quiods Lodge for six hours of fishing on one of Minnesota’s premier walleye lakes. This will be a private launch trip for our group, all fishing equipment is furnished. Anyone who wishes to stay overnight and enjoy an additional day on the lake, McQuiods has lodging available. "You must have a current MN fishing license." Course dates and times: June 15
  4. 10 Reasons why Boats are better than Women 1) You can look at other boats without worrying about getting caught. 2) You can own more than one boat at a time. 3) The more guys on your boat the better. 4) You are allowed to drive someone else's boat. 5) When your boat gets old and run down, you can buy a new boat. 6) If your boat is too big, you can trade it for a sleeker model. 7) You don't have to wonder who was driving your boat before you. 8) Tying two or more boats together is not seen as kinky. 9) You can leave your boat alone for two weeks and not hear a single word about being "neglected." 10) Priming the engine only takes three squeezes. btw...got disconnected from digichat last night had to reboot my computer...would've liked to finish the chat.
  5. boycott the breweries??? You must be nuts!
  6. Here's another...A couple goes on vacation to a fishing resort in northern Minnesota. The husband likes to fish at the crack of dawn. The wife likes to read. One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a short nap. Although she isn't familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and continues to read her book. Along comes the game warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside her and says,"Good morning, Ma'am, what are you doing?" "Reading my book," she replies, thinking isn't that obvious? "You're in a restricted fishing area," he informs her. "But officer, I'm not fishing. Can't you see that?" "Yes, but you have all the equipment. I'll have to take you in and write you up." "If you do that, I'll have to charge you with rape," says the woman. "But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden. "That's true, but you do have all the equipment." MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads.
  7. * When you go fishin' and you catch somethin,' that's good. If you're making love and you catch somethin,' that's bad. * Fish don't compare you to other fishermen neither. And don't want to know how many other fish you caught. * In fishin' you lie about the one that got away. In lovin' you lie about the one you caught. * You can catch and release a fish, you don't have to lie, and promise to still be friends after you let it go. yeah...but riding a bike is no comparison in pleasure factor lol.. * You don't have to necessarily change your line to keep catching fish. * You can catch a fish on a 20-cent nightcrawler. If you want to catch a woman you're talking dinner and a movie minimum. * Fish don't mind if you fall asleep in the middle of fishin.'
  8. wastewaterguru...none taken. to be honest...I am very out of practice with both these sports.
  9. You guys should should just consider yourselves lucky to get either one...fish or sex. lol
  10. Anyone tried the new 3M mosquito repellent highlighted on channel 11 last night? Supposed to have less deet, but last longer than other repellents. Have you seen it for sale anywhere?
  11. So are you gals Women Anglers? I belonged to the club years ago...then my fishing partner moved to Florida. Fished the 1st tourneys on Minnetonka in my canoe. Heard they meet at Sharky's now?
  12. How about a rememberance to mother's? Although my mom was very stern about attending church every Sunday, when I woould come home to Alex, she would tell me I could pray just as well on the lake. Then she would take my kids all day so I could fish. Miss her everyday.
  13. Yeah...had a guide lined up on Mille Lacs, but assume that fell through...can always go up to Alex and fish with my big brother on Ida...still looking for a good spot with my scanoe around the North Metro though. Thanks again for all your support...it's great!
  14. Thanks for all the support...actually I am doing great! (22 yrs. with an alcoholic is tooooooooooo many.) Can't afford a boat yet...have 2 vans...tranny going out on one, other is piece of dump. Soon to be ex refuses to sign off on titles. My hands were tied, so I took out a loan and bought a used SUV. Cute little Mercury Mountaineer...V8, 4 wheel drive, with a hitch. So when I get a boat, I'm all set. Only bummer is I'll have to fish out of my scanoe for opener...any ideas for some good North Metro spots?
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