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  1. moviking

    Favorite Jig for Fishing Grass

    I like the All terain Grassmaster
  2. moviking

    seasonal RV park

    Having moved back to Mn. trying to find a seasonal park that we can park our 5th whl for a couple months. Not to far north of the cities.
  3. moviking

    TX Crappies

    If anyone is interested,or in the area try Lake "O" The Pines in east Tx. sometime around Feb. or Mar. There are some really nice fish there, general the weather is pretty nice
  4. moviking

    Crestliner Hull Question

    I have a 97 1750 fishhawk, and it isn't the best on big waves, but, it doesn't stop me from going out. What I do like is all the room in it.
  5. moviking

    hard baits vs soft baits

    My self I like to throw jerk baits (clown), in the spring. I usually switch to a jig with a trailer or a KVD squarbill 1.5 in the summer. The problem with the hard baits the northers like them to
  6. moviking

    Mille Lacs crappies

    thanks everyone. seems everyone wants C&R. Don't worry I don't eat much fish, prefer to C & R, and I never keep bass.
  7. moviking

    Mille Lacs crappies

    Can anybody tell me if there are crappies to be caught on Mille Lacs when the ice goes out (creeks-streams). Desperate to get my boat out
  8. moviking

    Relaxed Samllmouth Limits

    Thanks for the info
  9. moviking

    Baitcaster reel

    I fish Bass Pro's carbonlte reels, find them to be really good reels. Very light and they are on sale right now
  10. moviking

    Relaxed Samllmouth Limits

    I have a couple questions. Can we fish for smallies year round now? I don't keep bass. Why don't the dnr allow a c & r season? what is the post I read about smally fishing after Sept, were they protected then? I haven't fished Mn in 20+ years so bear with me.
  11. moviking

    lake of the pines Tx

    fished LOP the week of 3-20 a cold front hit the day we got there. First day caught a 5#er, the only one I caught in the 4 days we were there. Evan the crappies were'nt at the bank yet. Water temp was 48, really like the lake, will stop again next year on the way home. By the way we moved back to Mn. Don't know how to change my profile
  12. moviking

    Tx fishing

    will be hitting Lake Of The Pines in east Tx this week. Hope the water has warmed up. There are some nice fish in this lake. Plus it is a very pretty area of Tx. There is also some big crappies to try for, but, it has been a cold winter down here, cold for them
  13. moviking

    open water

    Ok for those of you who are ready for some open water. Our lakes are open down here. (MO. KS.) A buddy went out on Melvern and limited out on 10-12" crappies. Of course the weather turned to [PoorWordUsage], but when it warms up next week they should hit. I know I'm ready.
  14. moviking

    Most Well Balanced Flippin Stick Under $200

    As I said in a prior post, I really like Carrot Sticks. I use them for just about everything. I also use the Carbonlite reels of Bass pro. Excellant combo.
  15. moviking

    In-Fisherman Bass Guide on the newsstands

    well worth the money