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  1. I've always wondered the same thing. I'm older then the date of Dec 31, 1976, and still have my cert, and yes I've done a little research on this. This seems to be the only date that is set in stone, every other cert depends on the age of the user. To say all common sense get thrown out the window like some have suggested is funny, that can happen on anything from a sled to a boat to cross country skis, it all depends on the user! I've been debating it for a couple of years and now I'm going to write some letters looking for answers on this issue. I'll be sure to pass any info on to anyone who wants it.
  2. They do not need licenses as long as you have one. If they are actively fishing you can have 3 limits.
  3. I like cork better I think they last longer and cork doesn't absorb water. Just my 2 cents
  4. For a second I thought mattson looked like he belonged on the No Dak squad, but then I realized he only had one outburst. To be on the No Dak squad it has to be every game! Yes Blood is a hack, no other way to put it! It's never funny when anyone does it, but comparing anyone on the gophers to that slug Blood is just plain wrong!
  5. The same way you No Dak fans explain your last game......
  6. I agree with you hockey guy to a point. Hockey has gotten softer, but the talent is still incredible. Today's kids are truly bigger, faster, and stronger. This is evident in every sport and every level. As for checking in mites, you are way out in left field on that one. Body posistion is huge. Coaches used to teach kids how to play the puck on the boards, I don't see that happening anymore. I do agree kids today turn their backs to avoid contact, Im not sure if that's coached or something the kids do on their own. Hockey is still the fastest toughest sport on earth, and just like everything in life it evolves.
  7. This is one of my favorite posts! I would like to see East beating the Spuds and Hermantown getting some revenge from St Thomas. An out state sweep is always sweet, especially knowing it'll [PoorWordUsage] Lou off!
  8. Fishweather dot com. Click the wi/mn/ia link. Choose where you want to look. You can then go 7 days backwards or forwards. The more you tinker around the more info you find on it. It's the best site I've found so far.
  9. Slim I have a 44" ranch king, it's a few years old and it shows it works good but it's only an 8 hp motor, I would recommend NOT getting an 8 hp. As mentioned earlier go with a 12.5 or so. The 8 is just too small and slow when you get some thick stuff. Otherwise, I love mine, I use it a lot.
  10. Big Sandy Lodge on big sandy. Very family friendly, great resort, great food. I highly recommend it. They have every ammentity you could want. A big beach, fishing right off one of their many docks, boat launch and gas on the dock. They offer a hotel or condos for rent. As I previously mentioned the food is great, three full meals a day are offered. You can view the full menu online as well as all the activities and options available.
  11. Yes it is just like a regular GPS it shows where you are. You can choose from a standard view, or set an google map overlay. It also tells you distances you can set waypoints ams tracks. I have used this in my boat and on my sled over ice, it gets you pretty close to where youu want to be.
  12. Download the navaionics USA app It is either $9.99 or an even $10.00, I can't remember, you will not be disappointed! It is very detailed compared to the other more expensive navaionics apps I have downloaded it the past. It has every lake around, to include Rainy, LOTW, and even the Gitch.
  13. SC you do have some valid points. If u were referring to 15 miles being huge, I misunderstood you. As for me I actually grouted from DE in the mid 90's. So I know the good teams from then were straight up, as I played all the way up with them. Langenbrunner, from clouqet and went to play major juniors in Canada his senior year. As well as Cade fairchild and Keegan flarety did at east in the 2000s. I'm not educated enough on the other players mentioned. I would rather watch the kids stay in hs but then again they are thinking about their hockey career and furthering it. It's a tough decision to make. I see a lot of kids go to Marshall in Duluth, and it's not for the education. As a matter of fact my brothers best friend went to Marshall, and the day after hockey was over his senior year kicked him out of school. Granted he wasn't the best student, but the school got what they wanted out of him. Like I said before take STA. They are all guys, that is twice the pool to choose from then a guy/girl school. As far as I'm concerned they are in the same category as shattic (sp). Private or public there are examples of whole families moving, not for hockey, but employment, divorces, and so forth. I realize they are far and few between, but it does happen.
  14. SC. It's funny to me. The first sentence was "I just don't really believe private schools recruite". Then you go on to say "most the recruiting was done by players. Not the coaches". So i'll ask you nicely, which one is it? Then you babble on about the size of area saying Warroad has a 50 mile radius and Eden Prarie only has a 15 mile radius. Come on man, nobody is that dumb to get into that debate. You are really struggling to prove a point you know is dead wrong. I give you an E for effort, but please try and educate yourself, for our sake. By the way I am from one of those afore mentioned small northern towns. Good luck to ya, we all see you really need it!
  15. Private schools recruit, plain and simple. It is not right and it is an unfair advantage. St. Thomas Academy takes it one step further, it is an all boys school. If STA and Hermantown both have 1000 students, this gives Hermantowm approx 50/50 boy girl split, while STA has 100% boys to choose from. What JW said is true, there is no loyalty anymore. I was real happy to see a young northern team take it to the all boys Academy who was going to walk away with the whole show. I for one am glad Hermantown didn't listen to everyone, and showed up to play the game, and what a good game it was.
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