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  1. SStracker

    how to fish plastic worms?

    My leaders are usually 12"-30" depending on where and how I am fishing it. I usually go with 15lb flouro for the main line and 12lb flouro for the leader.
  2. SStracker

    Side imaging on the bow

    I bought my boat a year ago with the 787/997 combo on it from the previous owner. I would have done dual 997's or 997/1197. The 958 (maybe 1157 if I have the extra cash) is what I will go with if I decide to upgrade from the 787.
  3. SStracker

    Side imaging on the bow

    I have a 997 linked to a 787 on the bow. I like the setup a lot, but wish I had a larger screen on the bow some times when I am fishing 30 FOW with sonar/gps split screen. I don't think you need SI up front by any means. I only use mine when I am driving around looking for structure, weed edges, ect. Then I will mark them on my gps and use the regular sonar/gps to fish the way points. Interlink is a must with SI. I love it!
  4. SStracker

    Humminbird 900 Series - RAM Mount

    I have the 111 model, 2.5" ball.
  5. SStracker


    I have my Pantera II in Appleton WI. Otherwise you aren't too far from Wautoma WI which has a Bass Cat dealer (Marks Quality Marine). They would have a Cougar you could get a ride in.
  6. SStracker

    Spring smallies on the mississippi

    I use to fish pool 5 and 6 almost daily when I went to WSU. Back waters are great! The RR tracks as mentioned are good (dark slough along 61, just north of Minnesota City). You can try fishing different current breaks that the river offers. Later in the year wacky rig senko on weed edges in 6-10 FOW is hard to beat. I've also done well fishing around the 43 bridge/ old duke rd bridge/ train bridge. Carolina Rig, Chatter bait, Finesse Jig, Swim Jig, Spinning rod with a 4/0 hook (wacky, t-rig, tube, ect...), and Frog are all great options for the river. I don't throw a lot of cranks personally, but I fished with a lot of guys that did and had great success (jerk bait and lipless cranks mainly). Black/blue, White/red, and Green pumpkin red flake are the main colors I threw depending on the water clarity. You can find a lot of honey holes on the river with the right amount of time invested. This is why I graduated in 5 years instead of 4. Number one bait I caught river smallies on……… wacky rigged pink senko. Good Luck!
  7. SStracker

    Crazy conditions!

    I just got back from fishing Fork. We left 6am on March 20th and drove in snow/rain the whole way home with temps from 28-33 degrees. We had great weather while we were on the water though. New personal best 7.6lbs
  8. SStracker


    08 Pantera II
  9. SStracker

    transporting rods in vehicles

    I did this when I had my Chevy trailblazer. The first couple times it was pretty horrible but after playing around with how to strap them down (or up in this case) it worked out really well. The main problem I had was the weight of the reels caused the bungees to bounce up and down while driving. Next I doubled the bungees, and zigzagged the cords around each handle which added a little more strength/firmness to the handle end. I ended up taking some non-stretch rope and tied loops in it for the handle end of the rods. I cut off the hook ends of a bungee cord and tied them on the rope at the appropriate length for where I was going to hang it in the truck. Then I used one bungee at the middle and one at the tips of the rods to hold them up. It wasn’t pretty and took some time to get everything just right, but in the end it turned out to be a cheap solution. I wish I had some pictures to better explain it but I cannot find them. Hope that helps!
  10. SStracker

    Engine Mount Trolling Motor

    I am looking to gain some information about engine mount trolling motors. I have done some research and seems like there is two brands to choose from. 1.) Minn Kota 2.) Navigator Tournament Series Questions: Does anyone have an engine mount trolling motor? If so, what are your thoughts and experiences from using it? What brand do you have? Pros and Cons about it? Have you had any issues with it? If so, What were the issues and how was the customer service? I have read some reviews on Cabela's and Bass pro but would like some input from anyone with firsthand experience. Thanks in advance!
  11. SStracker

    Drop Away / Whisker Bisket

    I just got a new bow and went with QAD. I would recommend it to anyone.
  12. SStracker

    Anybody take their dogs fishing?

    I try to take my little buddy, but he chases the lures and constantly jumps off the boat. Needless to say he can be a handful on the water. Locked on: Drying off:
  13. SStracker

    Black squirrel

    Here is my black squirrel mount.. old picture but you get the idea. I am getting my Musky mount back next week and I will have the squirrel holding a Ice rod with a line connected to the Musky.
  14. SStracker

    When do you call bass season quits for the year?

    when the ice gets too think at the landing.
  15. SStracker

    Bass Photos

    Nice fish craigums!