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  1. We were up last weekend at our cabin on Birch Lake and the Crappie were snapping on Big Chetac. This weekend should be great fishing!
  2. We fished on Red Cedar in the morning for opener and caught a 15 1/2" & 16 1/2" Walleye), before getting blown off the lake. Spent the afternoon on Big Chetac and got into some nice crappie in the sheltered bays. Temp of water was 57 degrees. We're heading back up next weekend.
  3. I went out on Big Butternut (Luck),with my dad and a buddy last Sunday. We got into some really nice Crappie and Perch using waxies and minnows. Can't wait for the opener on Big Chetac & Red Cedar!!
  4. I went out last weekend on Long lake (Centuria), and Big Butternut (Luck). Very slow....kept a few gills and perch for a fish fry, but talked to a few guys and it's been a lite bite for a couple of weeks now.
  5. Badger

    The Aint's

    Congrats to the Saints.....NFC Suberbowl Champs!!!! not AFC.....NFC Get over it....rubes!!!
  6. Badger

    Should have been the Vikings Hoisting the Trophy

    Seriously.....put down the purple Koolaid. The purple didn't get Championships still 0-4 in the SB. LOL
  7. Badger

    Football Fans In General

    It's all good Rick....The Purple had a great season! Favre is a special person/QB I'm sure you want him to come back......I want to see TJack.....
  8. Badger

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    No credible championship...sorry
  9. Uhhhh come again. What you just said?? (Forgot to include...since 1977 in post)
  10. No problem Koonie....The Vikings had a good year!!!!
  11. 6 figures in MN.......I think I'm doing fine!!!
  12. My Bad ....too many bad stats to posts without making mistakes!!!!
  13. Badger

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    What he said...It DID NOT HAPPEN......No Championships!!!
  14. Badger

    Football Fans In General

    First of was a great season for the Vikings and Brett Favre. He had a great year and the Purple had a chance to get to the Super Bowl (too many turnovers forced by the Saints)! Favre gave you the best chance to win your first championship...the guy is pretty special I have a ton of respect for a lot of the Viking players, and I know they enjoyed having the "Gun Slinger" play for them. It was a fun year jabbing back and forth with you guys, and you should be proud of the Vikings! I'm happy with the jump (GB) from 6-10.....maybe we can get the purple next year!!! I'm OUT Good Fishing to all!!!
  15. Badger

    Tarvaris Jackson

    That's good news for Packer fans!