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  1. DANR

    Snow cone on the roof vent

    Yes, the vent is to let air in the system as it drains. If the vent is plugged, it is possible that the vacuum created by draining water could suck the water out of a trap, which would let sewer gas into the house.
  2. DANR

    Plumbing Question

    My Father-in-law (a master plumber) always used to say you only need to know 3 things to be a plumber: sh*t doesn't run uphill payday is on Friday the boss is an ahole
  3. DANR

    Circuit breaker puzzle

    I made the decision to replace the pump every few years rather than the carpet.
  4. DANR

    Se Florida fishing - what would you do?

    Yep, you're right. No wonder I get lost all the time! Thanks
  5. We will be spending the month of February in Ft. Myers. My 27 yr. old son is coming down and wants to book a fishing trip. He would like to go out in the gulf. I think we would have more fun on the flats around the 10000 islands. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! Dan
  6. I have then opposite problem. All of our dogs become Momma's little baby. Except when they misbehave - then it's my fault for not spending enough time with them.
  7. DANR

    Rock anchor for dock lift

    The Quickbolts pictured hold very well, but the hole has to be drilled pretty precise,which might be tricky in hard rock.
  8. DANR

    Leveling floor questions

    Leveling grout would work. Shim it level and tuck the grout under. Take the shims out after the grout sets up.
  9. DANR

    Things you can count on

    When you get up in the middle of the night, you will not turn on the light and you WILL run into something
  10. DANR

    "Working" Dogs

    Funny! As I read this I have one stretched out on top of me
  11. DANR

    Backup heat

    Again, no electricity no wifi. Land line phone from ma bell works no matter what. I don't know about phone from cable company.
  12. DANR

    Dryer Repair

    I remember spending half a Sunday putting a belt on an old GE washer. I could have cried when I figured out that if I had taken the last piece off first, it would have been the only piece that would have to come off.
  13. DANR

    jet size

    My son had one that was doing that. Turned out that the torque stop was broken, allowing the torque of the motor to pull the carbs away from the intake boots - just another idea.
  14. DANR

    Small tile job?

    DANR, it states "SnapStone floating tile system" on their info. How does the grout not break up or tiles crack if this stuff floats around?
  15. DANR

    Small tile job?

    Another suggestion would be to take a look at Snapstone tile at the save big money store. I have used it over vinyl with great success. It isn't cheap, but eliminates the need to tear up the old and do a bunch of prep work.