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  1. I've been seeing some big arcs suspended out deep and was thinking of giving trolling a try. Anyone have recommendations of clamp on rod holders and planner boards for big baits? Thanks for any tips, muskie
  2. Last Monday I was drowning fatheads on Lake Independence when up pulls a guy who starts tossing a big bucktail and leaning down and figure 8'ing after every cast. I proceed to call the DNR tipline who transfers me to the CO for that lake. I receive no answer from the CO. I proceed to call the 3 other DNR CO's that I have in my phone for other lakes. All with no answer. I then call the number that their voicemail says to call if need immediate assistance. I believe the person answered saying they were a State Trooper or Patrol (It was hard to hear what she said). She was confused at why I would be calling her and then said no DNR people were on duty and that there is nothing that can be done except leave a message. What is the point of having seasons and a tipline if no one cares or will do anything about it? p.s. the guy what in a black lund, sorta bass boat style, with an inboard/outboard and large GPS unit in front.
  3. My wife and I will be heading up camping in Voyageurs National Park next week (May 23-27) for the first time. Neither of us really know how to catch walleye so I was wondering if anyone could give some tips or reports? We will be launching out of Crane Lake and most likely camping on Sand Point Lake. This time of year how deep will they be? Should we use minnows, leeches, crawlers, or something else? Slip-bobbers? Jigs? Cranks? Are there any known "community spots" that we should try? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Trevor
  4. Thanks for the info! Do you know how many teams were fishing the tournaments?
  5. When you say the Hayward area is a decent numbers area, what would you consider to be the normal size of the fish caught there?
  6. This summer we consistently fished a very small spot that we just circled and circled and eventually one would go. We could see the baitfish on the graph and a few muskies would surface every once in awhile. I don't understand why they don't eat the first time around, or why on some days we would only get 1 or hit once off of it while other days we would get 3,4, or 5 under all the same conditions. But eh, that's muskie fishing.
  7. I had the same problem. I had 3 reels fixed and it took about 4 weeks and I picked it up right away. When I picked them up I dropped another one off to be fixed (NOV 30th). He said about 2-4 weeks. I called in march and it still wasn't done. I got a call in April saying it was finally ready. that's 5 months... Oh and one of the reels had the same thing break on opener this year (1st time being used since fixed). And another one never was fixed right... awesome. But at least the repairman knew my reel existed. I tried bringing it to a repairman gander mountain recommended and after having it for 2 weeks he said he couldn't fix it because it must be too new and he can't find the literature for it. The reel was 3 years old at the time. 9_9
  8. Well a couple weeks ago my wife and I got married and you know you found the right woman when she says you should bring your muskie stuff on the honeymoon. She also had the idea of contacting my friend and guide Jim Doyle to see if he would take us out one night fishing. Well about halfway through our honeymoon stay she says let's try muskie fishing tonight. So we hook up the boat and drive to the lake. After an hour or so she gets the first follow! And it's her biggest follow ever so she is really excited and forgets that fish can't turn their bodies into a U shape very easily Then later that night she helps me land this 47incher on the figure 8. Later that night I also have the pleasure of hooking into and fighting the biggest muskie of my life. Unfortunately it got off but still fun to see and feel a 40lb fish on the end of my line. Two nights later Jim Doyle of musky connection guide service takes my wife and I out near Grand Rapids. The lake and scenery were beautiful. And to top it all off we got 2 muskies, a 40 and 41. What a great trip! Thank you Jim Doyle for the wonderful trip and knowledge you shared with us! I would like to thank Aaron Heimkes of musky tackle online for the great customer service he showed me. He even allowed me to stop by his place on my way up to pick up some emergency lures that I had lost. Of which the 40 and 41 inchers from the trip were caught on. I would also like to thank Dennis Lappen of muskie innovations for all the advice and experience he has shared with me over the years. The members of these forums also are to be thanked. Those of you who share information so that others can learn more about this sport, safely handle muskies, catch and release, and some tips and tricks of the trade. Thank you all. And of course, my wife. Who allows me to go fishing more than I should and spend more money than I should. Thanks everyone, Trevor
  9. Hey cooter, where would be a good place to try for some eyes? I have only fished little wissota for muskie to date so i'm only familiar with that area so far but would be willing to try wherever on the lake. What tactics seem to work well? I can be reached at muskieboy46 at msn.com if you would prefer. Thanks, Trevor p.s. did you guys have any luck when you went out for ski's?
  10. I will be up staying at a friend's cabin on the northeast side of the chain and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for walleye? Maybe some ideas on how deep to try and leeches, nightcrawlers, minnows? Also what is good walleye structure to look for? Any advice would be great! Thanks, Trevor
  11. I've taken it apart and am trying to fix it. I so far have made it "usable". But the lever doesn't lock 90% of the time when you try to cast.
  12. So far I have really enjoyed the Saltist. Got my first muskie on it tonight and it worked great. 49incher. Trevor
  13. What's the secret Jeff? Ok maybe not the secret... just some little hints?
  14. Has anyone been out there to see if things are picking up?
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