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  1. pointerspal

    Grand Rapids Grouse

    uplander floodwood on fri for a day trip let me know what you think
  2. Went up to i falls last weekend with dad and two brothers and not kidding 150 seen and 40 shot in two days. Hunted hard and dogs imporoved 100 percent from the first 3 weekends. This is what it is all about. The next month best of the year. All vacation is saved up and ready to be burned. good luck everyone.
  3. pointerspal

    Hunting as one

    Yes you hit the spot uplander. He is entering his prime. sounds like you dont need to be told to cherish it. Uplander have you been out ruffy hunting much and what are the reports. WE should talk I think we both share some of the same feeling towards hunting and dogs. I would love to get out with that fine animal and I feel my young pups could learn some things. thanks and good luck the rest of the season.
  4. pointerspal

    Where is "THE" place?

    North East of Bemidji oct 1-15 chew in my lip and setter working in front of me at about sun up. A nice thick frost on the ground. nothing better all this place talk has me gitty for the upcoming seasons.
  5. pointerspal

    timberwolves and bird dogs

    A couple of years ago now my english setter and I were out chasing grouse up around little fork, and had a timberwolf chase him right back to my feet. My dog was working 30 yards to my right in a thick young pine stand when all of the sudden I could hear him coming back to me on the spirnt, when he got back to the logging trail I could see the hair on his back standing up and tail between his legs. He stood there looking into the thick pine stand and then turned and ran right back to my feet. No more than 5 seconds later a big timberwolf was standing eye to eye with me about 15 yards down the middle of the trail. and just like that he was gone. I still think about it all the time. Anybody else have any run ins.
  6. pointerspal

    Kelly Farm Hunt Test

    does the trial go on sat and sun and how do you reg your own dogs
  7. pointerspal

    Best Grouse Dog

    Tink we need to show u how english setters can handle ruffies. Second I could not agree more with setter guy. That being said there is something about an animal when it is doing what it was born to do in in its natural setting. For example a springer busting through the cattails hot on a pheasant or a Lab sitting in a duck blind. My shorthair does very well on ruffies and I love hunting her on grouse but when hunting the young aspen that I normally find ruffies in the young setter I have is in its element. The shorthair is a very athletic dog but its not built for those tight areas. I'm not saying one is hands down better that the other, its just like asking an offensive tackle to play running back. But like setterguy says its all about what you want. have a good day.
  8. pointerspal

    English setters vs German Shorthairs

    For sure uplander I would love too. Keep in touch and we will get out this fall can't wait. I get the chills just writing this. Sounds like the drumming reports have been positive.
  9. pointerspal

    English setters vs German Shorthairs

    Bassguy how often u get that good for nutten setter out for runs? Hunting breeds most of the time do require more exercise than non hunting breeds. Both my setter and shorthair require a minimum of an hour a day for a peacefull evening, but I love it. If I don't take them on a run both dogs are unhappy with me. I have had nothing but positive things to say about setters, I have owned two and they both have been great with kids as well as other pets. I think all breeds my have there "black sheep" however, I hope you do appreciate all that action that dog gives you and someday you might even miss that dog. have a good day.
  10. pointerspal

    English setters vs German Shorthairs

    I have a Shorthair that did shockingly well on ruffies her first year. I'm not saying that she could keep up with some the better setters I have owned. But she held her own and showed alot of upside for only being one. I think I shot ten plus ruffies over her in her first year. She seems to have it when it comes to not bumping the birds. She seems to lock up at first sent.
  11. pointerspal

    Lost my best buddy today

    Sorry man thats hard. I had the same thing happen to me. He was my best friend and hunting partner. I decided to go and get one and when that didn't help I decided to ad another. Ten months later I'm starting to feel better. But that first fall when your walking into your best coverts he will be with you. Sorry and it will get better.
  12. pointerspal

    English setters vs German Shorthairs

    Thanks for all the input. I just thought I would stir the pot. All dogs have there strengths and weeknesses. However, nothing in this world can compare to a good setter hunting grouse I don't know if its the style or just because my first love was a setter. (who was money on ruffies.) Now all we can do is wait and hope things dry up for our upland birds. hopefully we will have a good year for both ruffies and pheasents.
  13. pointerspal

    Dog Names

    English setter named Carl.
  14. pointerspal

    Drumming Reports

    Good to hear that the birds are out. Did the snow get a bad crust over it this year in the bemidji area?
  15. I know its impossible to do and I currently own one of each. I always thought I would only run setters but my girlfriend got a shorthair and to say one is better than the other is impossible, and I know alot more goes into this than just breeds. I think I may have made the assumption that Grouse = English setters, and Pheasents= German shorthair. My dogs are both 2 and last season the german did much better than the english on grouse and the setter much better on pheasants. just a thought any of you guys have shorthairs that handle grouse. And I know that Setters take a little longer to reach there prime so I'm not to worried about here figuring out those whiley little ruffies.