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  1. I believe the curse of the fan may have jinxed the Royals and inspired Bumgardner to dominate them. 1.2 million views later the fan lies on!
  2. TRZ II

    Heater Advice

    I put the wood stove in years ago because I got sick of my beers freezing on cold days. I got mine from a yard sale, it is small about 10"x12" i just use old venting pipe through the wood roof.
  3. TRZ II

    Heater Advice

    I have one stand with a small wood stove in it. That keeps it real toasty! A few deer have even been shot out of it....
  4. Around 10am Sat. will be very good. All the slicks will be cold and going into warm up!
  5. TRZ II

    Area 157 Rum River State Forest

    The Karen have taken over that area. Not many deer or squirrels left. Porcupine are also at a premium.
  6. In hindsight I probably should have kept the fan, but the safety of my cats has always been my first priority. I stand by my decision and my cat is still very healthy.
  7. TRZ II

    MDHA/MN DNR listening sessions

    Of course the entire state should be involved. By majority I'm saying over 50%, I don't have stats to back that up but I'd assume it is correct. They want these meetings small and civil so they put them in places few will attend. Just a joke, much like the mille lacs fishery meetings, all just a show. I hunt north 156 and it was INTENSIVE for years and if you saw 5 deer it was a great year. They are so far out of touch it is sickening.
  8. TRZ II

    MDHA/MN DNR listening sessions

    If the DNR really cared what people thought they would have meetings in the metro where a majority of the hunters live. I wouldn't waste my breath on them, never the less drive hours to talk to them. Pure waste of time, energy and money. They will do what they want anyway....
  9. FYI-The 20" box fan is no longer available either....
  10. TRZ II

    Dream crappie

    Looks like a hybrid to me. Definately at least part whittey. GREAT FISH, and who the heck cares if a guy kept ONE crappie. Give me a break....
  11. The problem with many of these zones is that they are too large and diverse. the problem with 183 & 156 is that the southern edges have high population and managed is fine for there. But the northern areas are very thick woods with tons of wolves and very few ag. fields. 183 & 156 should both be buck only in my opinion, but in the southern edges of the zones deer are thick. I generally have to go to land in the southern end of the zones to get a doe, the fields are full of them! The woods in the north are almost absent of them....
  12. Exactly, I saw 4 deer while on stand and I hunted hard for 8 days total. 2 guys in my group saw 1 each. I also disagree with the muzzle loaders out getting more does in an area that shouldn't even be lottery yet it is intensive. I do also agree that very few get shot by the Muzzy bunch but any is too many where I'm at. 1 guy in my party muzzleloads and he never sees another hunter for miles, during rifle there are dozens in the same area.
  13. TRZ II

    Gotta find one in the AM

    That is hunting. It happens. I have 3 inch bone in my collection from a deer i shot and never found. Not everyone is Wyatt Earp, a guy who shoots once a year is not going to make every shot. Too bad but atleast you tried hard!
  14. Hunted 156. We went 4-6 and we were very happy with that! Didn't see many deer at all, 2 guys shot the only one they saw. Alot of wolf tracks. We heard alot of report from neighbors of going 0-6,1-6,2-5. So we were pleased. But a definate decline the past 2 years. And we are still allowed a doe! No lottery-what a joke. I actually passed on a doe this year for the first time since it was "liberalized" in our area just because there are so few in the area we hunt,yet anyone can shoot one.....
  15. TRZ II

    Aspen Logging

    I was thinking the logger might be willing to clear an area if he lowered my take a few hundred bucks? Or clean the whole area a bit better than usual. Or after the work I would hire someone else to do it, but a dozer would be the way to go.