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  1. I caught one two seasons ago that actully shrunk (according to my measurments) by 4" and lost 4# since it was originally caught by north redwood and I caught in Mankato city limits eight years later.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, catfish already have a pretty strict slot limit. People will always catch and eat fish (that's why we started fishing in the first place isn't it.) imo I think the fishery is fine. I would concentrate more on the two line rule than anything.
  3. dsm95

    Valuable lessons

    Seen it in person
  4. You running an animal shelter too now Ed?
  5. dsm95

    The mysterious Clonk?

    Kyle swears by them, he nets them at the side of the boat and then he eats them.
  6. I use the bait bucket tripod method and it's worked so far.
  7. I don't think it's the bait that is the biggest problem. I think it's more the water that gets transfered from location to location that really spreads the the non native species. It must not be that bad of a problem or I think it would be more black and white don't do it.
  8. I've liked the hooks I've tried, they are small in comparison, 5/0 45 degree true turn and I've caught my two biggest fish on a cc 6/0 offset J both real strong hooks but small. I figure I'll get the most realistic action from a bait thats not carrying a boat anchor on it's back and this is if it matters to Flathead or Channel anyway.
  9. dsm95

    Hot bite

    I heard Madison was hot too Kyle. Good luck tonight the action is heating up
  10. dsm95

    MN River Jordan MN

    There are more spots around that will produce fish but don't expect to catch fish at the same spot every night. People have been living at my usual spot and it sucks also.
  11. dsm95

    MN River Jordan MN

    You have to get on the water earlier.
  12. dsm95

    MN River Jordan MN

    45x30 and it feels pretty good. Not as good as fighting the fish though, you don't realize how impressive these fish are until you hook into one of this size. I was just hoping to break the 40 mark but I'll take it.
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