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  1. I have an '09 Alumacraft Navigator sport Long story short, I have 3 (screw) holes on the side of my boat. It looks like it is just above where the water line would be. Not sure how to fix this. To get me by short term I put clear silicon in and around the holes, but I don't want to leave it like this. I thought I would use a dremel to smooth out the holes (screws went from inside to out)and use JB Waterweld. Has anyone used this? What else can I do to fix this, or can anyone point me in the right direction who knows how to fix this?
  2. Need some help pricing a Bowtech Patriot VFT 2005 (I think) New limbs New string (Vapor trail) HHA sight Limb driver rest Wrist strap Stabilizer (unsure make)
  3. We just reserved a camper cabin for 2 nights at the Lake Carlos State Park. This will be our first experience in one of these cabins. Wondering if anyone has ever stayed in one before and could let me know what is inside (couch? refrig? counters? etc). The person at the DNR could not provide me with any information and I have not run into any specifics as far as searching.
  4. I was fishing Mille Lacs yesterday (8/9) between 6pm and 1am on the flats. Weather was HOT and STILL!!! Caught a couple trolling lindy's w/ leeches around .4 mph - last one caught around 7:30pm. I was marking fish up till that last fish. After that I wasn't marking anything. Tried many different flats, both on top and on the breaks and nothing. All night long... Where did they go? Certainly not all the fish up north moved to one area of the lake. I was completely stumped. Example, I was out on East Flat a week and a half ago around 10pm and was marking fish all over - big yellow banana's on my graph. Tonight - nothing, nada, zippo. I need a lot of help
  5. Thanks for the response PerchJerker and fishwater. I believe you are correct after doing some extensive research on this. Actually what I did was returned the cables I had a bought the Lowrance Ethext-15YL. It is an Ethernet extension cable with the yellow connectors. I hooked it up to the yellow posts on the back of the units and turned off the "network sonar" option in the main network menu. Seems to be working great! Waypoints are transferring wonderfully. Can't wait to hit the lake and try it out for real (garage doesn't count ) Thanks again for your replies, Troy
  6. Hello, I am trying to network a HDS 5 to a HDS 7. I have connected the two units with the NMEA 2000 expansion kit with the black connectors. I used the 2 foot extension and hooked to the middle of a "T" connector. I used the 15 foot cable and hooked to the middle of the other "T" connector. I hooked both "T" connectors together and then capped the ends of the "T" connectors with the 120 ohm terminator. Checked each unit to make sure the send and receive option was checked. Neither unit receives waypoints. Not sure where to go from here. Am I missing a step somewhere along the line? Any advice would be great. Thanks, Troy
  7. Huh...was out on Mille Lacs today and found out my anchors are too small. I have 2 richtor anchors and I couldn't stay in one spot without drifting. I have an Alumacraft Navigator 175 sport. Any advice on what size anchors I would need? Thanks, Troy
  8. At 6100 were you trimmed out? Yes Did you feel any walking at all? No Did you have any throttle left? No What kind of prop is it? Brand, I don't know. It is aluminum If I went to another pitch, would it run lower RPM's and still get the same speed out of it? 6100 is still in the operating range, however I don't know if I really want to be running that high. Will it eventually ruin the motor? At what speed would you run this motor at? I appreciate the responses,
  9. I have an '09 Suzuki 140 4 stroke. I recently squared up on a rock on Mille Lacs and had a new lower unit put on. The mechanic asked me at what my RPM's are at WOT. I told him I had now idea - still in the break in period. He asked how I thought the boat came out of the hole and I told him not as quick as I thought it should. Sooooo, he told me he would put a pitch of 21 on instead of the 22. I went out today and noticed the boat was a little quicker out of the hole and at WOT I was at 6100 RPM's. My question: Should the motor be at 6100 RPM's at WOT? The mechanic said the sweet spot is around 5850 RPM's (?). Do I need a different prop pitch? Or does this sound OK? Thanks, Mugs
  10. Hey all, I have an '09 Alumacraft Navigator 175 sport. The bow livewell has the open/close on the port side next to the passenger seat. I have no idea how the aft livewell works. Do I need a plug to close this livewell? Is there another open/close slide I don't see? Thanks, Mugs
  11. Hey there, I have just started to make my own rigs and have a question for those out there that do this. Where are you getting you beads, hooks, blades? Is there a place on the web you get these items at a decent price or are you just going to the store? What store - craft, fishing? Thanks for your responses..... Troy
  12. These were taken during a trip to Arkansas. I wish I had a couple pics of the kids when the animals came up to the car. [image][/image] [image][/image]
  13. Thanks for the replies. Obviously I am new to trying to take better quality photo's. As I look at the first one I notice maybe it's enhanced too much. Could you give me tips as to how to take photo's without having to enhance them so much. I am currently using the Panasonic DMC FX-01 (compact camera). There are so many different features on this camera that I am not used to using that I get confused. I am reading the manual as well as online photo tips. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mugs
  14. A couple outdoor pics while taking my son geocaching. [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]
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