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  1. updecreek

    Root River Report

    Trout Fishing was Great. Root river was clear sailing. Got some shakers.
  2. Nice gems! "Wildman" wanted me to tell "rake man" He found a nice one. He hopes to see rake man soon but one never knows where wild man will be!?!
  3. updecreek

    Went for a trail ride

    This is a secret spot. Just like fishing. But we stayed at t o g w o t e e mountain lodge. Plenty of spots to ride from there.
  4. updecreek

    Went for a trail ride

    Jacksonhole Wyoming, Snowking skihill in background. We left Friday the hill climbs started Thursday. Next year staying for hillclimb! Cant wait to go back.
  5. updecreek

    Fish Trap canvas repair?

    Tear mender and my local Auto Upholstery repair shop was the cheapest fix. Got the fabric for free it was even blue.
  6. updecreek

    Seasoned a new smoker

    put me on the u.p. jumbos and I will smoke anything for you.!?!?!
  7. updecreek

    Stump jumping trail riding up north. 12/22

    The new viper has its flaws but that's just to much ski pressure. Darts bad breaking in corners. But I am a 2 stroke guy until that weekend when I rode the nitro friends sled I do a little mountain riding when time is right. 2009 skidoo xp 800 154" track I ride. There something with torque and 1000cc in Minnesota trail riding and the off trail we did. I rode all 3 sleds the skidoo slides into every corner. The viper was darting. "they say it needs after market skis" did a lot of reading on the way home read lots of the same storys bad darting changing shocks ect. but the only thing that helped was 5.7 pilots skidoo skis. That being its a 1 year sled not bad could of been worse!! nitro rode like a Cadillac smooth every where they got that sled set up for mn trails. For mountain riding to heavy for my likings. trees tight spots good luck.
  8. Nsst was baby smooth only two sleds had run before us from two harbors all the way to tressle inn. Made a gas stop in finland Had plently of fresh powder in between there!! 225 miles for the trip. Pictures are from off trail riding.
  9. updecreek

    Anyone know what this lure is?

    Here the lure I found with the card info.
  10. updecreek

    Anyone know what this lure is?

    Hers the back of the Package from the manns dancer card info.
  11. updecreek


    Shes from red lake.
  12. updecreek

    Spare ribs

    The boneless parts of the pork ribs are the best treats ever!
  13. updecreek

    Spare ribs

    Book mark this page. http://playingwithfireandsmoke.blogspot.com/2006/02/recipes.html