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  1. I'm washing every wall and ceiling in the house .... and it's kickin my butt. Pass the Advil.
  2. Well, something is broken. These links should have worked. It's been strangly inconsistant this way all along. The 2nd and 3rd are from the Ben Harper video already posted so ... yea its broken. Too bad. https://youtu.be/Wck03Y72340 https://youtu.be/4B-VMr2-228 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B-VMr2-228
  3. I'm gonna have a big one-just-like-silly-me bonfire and go all night long
  4. Ben Harper .... in the key of Cat Stevens with a dash of reggae. I like his band too. Watch the guitarist light one up about 2 minutes in, not sure when or if he puts it out but he sends some huge billows over the whole stage. LOL And the bass player is an enormous man with the biggest guitar I've ever seen. That neck looks like its 4 feet long !!
  5. My, my, my, it looks like we have an Aussie !!! From "Adelaide". Southern Australia ?? I've always gone with the Smokey Joe myself. Just seems to be right sized and durable too. But it doesn't pack the best. Not like a little suitcase sized / shaped one anyways. But I like it. There's my 2 cents Daniel. Welcome aboard. Edit : hmmm ..... it appears the original post / question was deleted ?
  6. R I P Had this one in my campfire play set at one time.
  7. Good stuff. We've got 'er rolling again and that's a start. Let's review how to post a song. Enter the rabbit hole that is YouTube. Find a song. copy the address Paste it here Just that easy !!
  8. Ok, one more from the same album. Cause I gotta get this fiqured out again.
  9. Thanks Rick. Now, how about you help me get this thing back off the ground by posting one ? I'm going with some Keb Mo today. Here's 2 for the times off a GREAT live album. I'm feeling both. "Oh Lord, even the bed bugs have up and run I got a bad, bad feeling ...." "But I'm gonna make my world a better place and I'm gonna keep that smile on my face ... "
  10. 17 minutes in re JFK assasination.
  11. The old timers will recall I'm a big fan of this guy. Here's a masterpiece off his most recent album. A week ago he loaded his ENTIRE CATALOUGE onto youtube. It's available for free. Every studio album, live album and greatest hits compilation. Might be 3 dozen of 'em total. Got some time to kill ?
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