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  1. no i dont? are u asking for yourself? or suggesting something?
  2. Hello my name is Eric and im going to be 17 in about a week. I love taking pic's all the time and would love to make it a career. I have put pictures on here before and i really like the tips i get. But now i have been taking some that my mom and dad think should be procted a bit more. They said something about a copyright. I see them on most of the pics on here. So i guess my question is, how do I go about doing that, or what is the best thing i should do to have my pics safe? Anything would be helpful, thank you.
  3. thank you all, I'm sorry that i had to take these pic's off. my dad is thinking about some things i have to do before i put more on.
  4. hegs

    Geese on the Miss.

    Thanks and yeah i'm Andy's brother. Umm... and u are?
  5. Just a few from last weekends hunting trip.
  6. hegs

    October challenge: Fall color

    I havent posted in a while so this is mine for Oct.
  7. The course is Eagles Landing Golf Club. Its next to Fort Ripley, and north of little Falls about 20 miles. Its a nice course i like it.
  8. This is a golf course that i work at so i took some pics hopeing that they would look good, they kind of do. The little river runs by my house but now its dry.
  9. Just some little ones around our house. The hen had 9 but now theres only 6. when I took these I was about 20ft away, they must like me.
  10. Two hours of fishing 6 bass. Two of my best on the night, first one is 18in and the 2nd was 17in.
  11. This is a golf course that I work at for a summer job. I asked if I could take some pics and this is what I get. I need some help on the sky. I can’t get the nice blue sky that it was. I know that these pics are bad that’s why I’m asking for some help please. I'm sure that it’s something very easy to change but I don't know what it is. I think that on all the pics they should be brighter, and more sharp how do I get that? I used a tripod on all the pics. So if anyone could help me out that would be great. Thank you! ISO 800, Aperture 19, Shutter speed 250 Iso 400, Aperture 9.5, Shutter speed 90 ISO 100, Aperture 20, shutter speed 20 ISO 400, Aperture 8, Shutter speed 125