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  1. I have a 2000 15hp 4 stroke Evinrude for sale. It is a long shaft , tiller with electric start. I used it for 3 years and then stored the motor for the last 3 years (I bought a new rig). I live in St Cloud and have it at my house for your viewing pleasure. I also have a large tub where you can test it out. I am asking $1,500.00 and I can be reached at 320.248.8721. Rob
  2. For Sale - WEIDER 8530 Home Gym System. This unit has hardly been used and is in excellent condition. $150, I will dis-assemble and you haul away. I also have a left handed High Country compound bow for sale. It is a single cam bow with a good arrow rest, quiver and 5 arrows. $50. I also have a large assortment of aluminum window frames and all the windows and screens that go with them for sale. To many sizes for list. The frame and sash are aluminum in color and they are all sliders that include the storm windows as well. These would be great for a cabin. I also have a older Snapper Riding Lawn Mower to give away free. It has a 11 hp motor and needs work. I live in St Cloud and can be reached at 320.203.6635 or email me at RPOGANSKIat RISKWISE.COM. Rob
  3. Both of my teenage sons were out this last weekend and the older one shot a nice 8 pointer at 30yds. The arrow went through both lungs, it ran only 30yds. He said he had a 4 and 2 sixes come through before he saw the 8. He also saw a doe and fawn. The younger one was hunting the other end of our property and he had a nice 6 come in from behind him, but never offered a good shot. With the weather the way it is this weekend we may have to hold off hunting until it cools down again. Good luck everyone, and make sure you take the good shots! Some day I will learn how to post pics on this site
  4. I use a the Bait Walkers and what I have found is that you want to basically fish it dead stick as mention earlier, but make sure you touch bottom frequently and then hold the bouncer off about 2 or 3 inches so you don't stir up the bottom. Weight will depend on depth, speed and top surface wave action (you will need to experiment). As it pertains to hook set, I have watched my Leech on a 5tf + Snell rig with my Aqua View and have watched numerous Walleyes approach the bait and inhale a large to jumbo leech in a blink of an eye. As stated in a an earlier post, there is no need to give any line simply move the rod tip toward the fish a couple of feet and set the hook. With Bait Walkers or bottom bouncers you basically are fishing straight down and with Fire Line or Spider Wire you will feel every little thing happening to you weight and bait. I do believe that a medium to heavy action rod is best for feel and a good hook set using any type of braded or mono line I started using the bait walker on Mille Lacs and have used it on a lot of lakes since. I also agree that a snap/swivel is wise for keeping the line untangled and I usually pinch the "v" of the Bait Walker with a pliers so the swivel does not slide one way or the other. Good luck fishing…….time well spent!
  5. I have a 16ft Hobie Cat for sale that is currently sitting on a 1982 Shorelander trailer. The Hobie has light blue hulls and light blue tramp. The sail and jib are rainbow colored. The Hobie is in great condition and is currently at my parents cabin on Big Birch Lake. It can be seen at their cabin or be brought to St Cloud for showing if necessary. For pic's of the Hobie please email me. rpoganki at riskwise dot com. To contact by phone call 320.248.8721. We are asking $2000.00 for the Hobie and trailer.
  6. Moosehunter, I didn't see a post that the Dodge rims were sold. Are they still available? And, what is your price? Thank you,
  7. Bassmaster, I am located in St Cloud and would be interested in purchasing the Vexilar from you if it still avaiable. Call me @ 320.248.8721 Rob
  8. To everyone I returned this weekend from hunting and spoke to the repair shop this morning and they gave me some bad news of rebuilding the carburetor and the work they perform in getting the 4wheel drive to function. Also on Sunday night we had a birthday party for my dad (76) and discovered that a close person friend (relative) was looking for a 4wheeler. (We deer hunt together and had no idea wanted one). So needless to say the 4wheeler is gone. Blood is thicker then water! I apologize to all especially to Benny and PK who I had spoken too about the sale. I am sure you guy's will find one. Take care!
  9. When I picked up the 4-wheeler from my dad to sell it was not running well and had some additional issues to tend too. I took the wheeler to be serviced and I am waiting to hear what is needed in repairs before I sell it to anyone. I will keep you posted. I am ging on a hunting vacation for the rest of the week and weekend and will be following up on the condition of the sale in Monday!
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