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    hey appreciate the feed back, I am just new to the leasing game/out of state hunting so just so much area to cover ya know. I mean we have plenty of success with getting fields for ducks and geese in MN, but we also put in our time for them. And from my observations it seems like bird hunting locations are hard to come by, but people take their deer hunting locations very serious, as they should. Have always hunted public land around the area, and that's great and all would just be nice to find a piece some where that holds a few day in and day out.
  2. BowTech03

    KS buck kill video

    Video by your self is a battle all alone, nice deer. You do most of your film/hunting on public or private land?
  3. BowTech03


    Ive been looking around for leases here and there a little bit, been using some of the big lease companies associated with like whitetail proprieties and mossy oak proprieties and they have lots of listing and great sites just not as much for around Central Minnesota. Any suggestions? When picking up a new lease what does everyone look for?
  4. BowTech03


    Just wondering how many batteries everyone has and what is all running off of them, have three looking to maybe add on, just looking for outside opinions. (18 ft pro-v, 2 graphs looking to add one more, bow mount 80lb, radio)
  5. BowTech03

    On Board Charger

    Just got a new pro v and wanting to put in an on board charger, wondering what brands are a solid choice.
  6. BowTech03

    Lotto Area, bowhunting

    So im confused with the lotto areas this year. Being that the limit is one deer, can you shoot only a buck, or only a doe or can does it not matter as long as it is only one deer when bowhunting? Not sure how exactly the rules read. If someone could clear this up that would be great. Thanks
  7. BowTech03

    Pro_Pack vs. Ultra_Pack

    hey thanks everyone, i dont have a problem with either. just more familiar with the ultra pack. just wanted to know if there was some peice of info that i did not know about in the model differeces.
  8. BowTech03

    Pro_Pack vs. Ultra_Pack

    Looking into getting a new vex here soon, have a fl8 ultra. Wanting to move to an fl22. Always wondered about if it makes a difference in what pack you get(pro, ultra) besides the price. Just looking for some in put thanks.
  9. So Found a nice field to hunt in, but it appears to be a little muddy to want to drive out there, and what i am wondering is a great way carry a bunch of big foots out into a field with out having to buy bags. Was thinking some sort of rope system between the feet or something, but not to sure. Any thoughts?
  10. BowTech03

    Snow Geese?

    We didnt have a good camera, so we had to put up the binos up to the real small lens on a cell phone, turned out kinda cool though
  11. BowTech03

    3 Inch Loads

    So I recently picked up a new gun that can only shoot 3 inch shells, which I am totally fine with, but what I am wondering is what is the best/a good turkey load for this length of shells?
  12. if all of u guys like muzzy! you should try wasp broadheads, the hammer. wasp fixed blade broadheads fly so nice and the deer bleed so well of of them, i have shot 18 deer with my bow and not one went over 100 yards, give them a try!
  13. So I am thinking that a good bowl of Chili is in order. Would like to use up some deer to make some chili. But Don't have a good recipe. If anyone would be willing to share a recipe they have that would be great, Thanks.
  14. BowTech03

    Looking at the FishTrap line

    I was looking at picking up a new fish house this year, and am looking at Nanook model, but just had a genral question about it. Should I spend the extra 100 bucks for the thermal, or save a 100 and not have the thermal outting?
  15. BowTech03

    Power Scrape

    Was think about trying out some of this new product, was wondering how many people have used it and how it work out for everyone.