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  1. Ha!!! My alter ego is still here!! Sign up another one for the "Old Handle" reunion!! And I'm not even a newbie!!
  2. Howdy Folks!!!! Talked to Uncle Grump the other day and found out you were looking for me.... I had to take some time to clear my head a bit. But.... I'M BACK!!!! And with a new name to match my new outlook on life. Look for me now as "Moose-Hunter". And if you're wondering, nope. Nothing big enough to shoot. Oh well... Gotta run, just wanted to check in and say Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!! Dan
  3. Howdy All... I recently found a piece of ice fishing gear from days gone by. Has anyone out there ever heard of "The Clipper"? It's a ice fisherman's minnow pail that's heated with a small oil lamp. The markings say that it was made by E.L. Walstedt & Co. in Minneapolis. If anyone has any info on this item or can direct me to someone that might, please drop me an email at the address below. Thanks......Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  4. I didn't make it out either. But I've been hearing shots from behind my place. About a dozen or so. Must be six guys unloading on the same bird!!! Can you say "SOUP"? How about it.... Any luck? Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  5. I use my Buddy to heat both the portable and my 8x8 hardside. GREAT heater!!!! Not too good in the wind, but great almost every where else. Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  6. Hey Joe... In the two strokes..... No question in my mind: YAMAHA!!! I also agree with Grabs. Check out the Yamaha four strokers too. Smooth, quiet and clean. You'll be glad you did. Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  7. Howdy All... Storing the boat is NOT an option this year and I'd like to make the run to Red Wing a few times. Do you have to do anything specisal to your boat motor to fish in very cold temps? Thanks......Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  8. Dan97


    There's a ton of them out there. Just search for "taxidermy" and I'm sure you'll find something. Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  9. So I need one for my truck, if I'm sitting in there watching tip-ups? Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  10. PCG... Providing meatloaf was really available, I feel it would have to be a light "porkchop". You never know how many helpings you're going to have. Of either!!! Dan (burp) Anybody have some Tums? ------------------ [email protected]
  11. Dan97


    Hi Ruegs23... I may be able to help you out. Email me for more info. Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  12. PCG & D-Man... Can you say "BRAIN FADE"? I completely forgot about that!! LOL!!!! That's what I should have had. Sign or no sign!!! It would have been a helluva lot better than what I ended up with. GOOD HUMOR!!!! Dan So who won the bet as to when I'd finally remember? As if THAT happened. Thanks for the "hint" D-Man!! ------------------ [email protected] [This message has been edited by Dan97 (edited 10-07-2002).]
  13. Just to have posted by experts... How do you hook the bait to the glow devil? Whole minnows, half minnows, minnow heads and wax worms.... Am I missing any? Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  14. Just wanted to bring this back up to the top. This rod/gear bag is a MUST HAVE item for all ice anglers. Follow Rick's link to find them here. I'm tellin' ya, these things are GREAT!!! Dan ------------------ [email protected]
  15. A while ago didn't someone offer a "stand" for the underwater cameras? This gizmo attaches to the camera in some way and holds it up off the bottom? My Vista does not have the push button rotation feature like the OVS cams do. Would this stand gizmo be a good idea or should I just worry about suspending it with the cable? Dan BTW.... What's all this I'm seeing about meatloaf? ------------------ [email protected]
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