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  1. Geppy

    carbon monoxide in the flip over shanty

    I've one of the mantles on my lantern fall off and i didnt notice and my eyes started burning and felt sick to my stomach ion a clam 5600, i know that that was pure CO going in but still i would definatly keep the vents open
  2. Geppy

    HSO show on Gunflint

    okay thanks
  3. Geppy

    HSO show on Gunflint

    I'm going up to Hungry Jack lodge which is about half hour to fourty five minutes north of grand marais to go Snowmobliling. I was going to bring my portable house up with everything else to see if we couldnt find some fish on one of the lakes up there. I just watched the show and they said it was on the gunflint trail which we snomobile on. Does anyone know if it would be possible to snowmobile and pull the house to gunflint lake? i tried to find a map to see how far away the lodge and the lake were apart but couldnt find anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Geppy

    bass through the ice

    i have caught a couple on my tip up with a sucker fishing for pike and have caught them with a waxie while fishing for sunnies. and they were pretty big too
  5. Geppy

    Kite Skiing

    o wow looks like i will have to do a little saving before i get a new hobby involving giant kits haha
  6. Geppy

    Kite Skiing

    does anyone by any chance know how much a setup like that would cost because i see it a lot on lkaes and looks like it would be a lot of fun
  7. Geppy

    keeping bait alive

    my friend changed the water and broke crackers into a 5 gallon bucket and kept some minnow alive for a couple weeks until he was out of them
  8. Geppy

    Eskimo quickflip delux

    yea i the house seems like it will put up pretty well for the price i will probably break it in sometime this week
  9. Geppy

    Eskimo quickflip delux

    Just got one yesterday as an early christmas present and while setting it up today with my dad, the holes in the bench support didnt match up with the holes in the brackets. so we had to go to gander and get two new brackets and supports and they still didnt fit! after triple checking that everything was right in the setup we finally just drilled new holes in the brackets so that the supports would fit. Everything was in in place and no other problems setting it up and so i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with any eskimo house??
  10. Geppy

    Walleyes of 2008!

    icefishing21 that wouldnt happen to be the lake in the south metro behind yoor house would it?
  11. Geppy

    Reel Weeds

    Has anyone tried these??? i was thinking about buying the five pack because two just seems like it wouldnt work at all it seems like a good idea but i dont know if i want to drop 80 dollars on something that will sit in a box in my garage
  12. Geppy

    Tip-up fishing question

    i always do pretty good 6 inches to a foot off bottom or just right above the weeds if any
  13. Geppy

    Strikemaster Auger Shaft Question?

    have the sam auger but with a broken lever for the choke is there any way i could order just a lever... super glue worked for about two seconds
  14. Geppy

    clam base camp

    i was thinking about getting the command post but not sure how often it would be used or how fun it would be to try and fit it in the little carrying case it comes in, ezpecially when your hands are numb on those cold nights
  15. Geppy

    Swedish Pimple and Jiggin Spoons

    I have only used them at LOW and i just use a fathead head