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  1. Reid G

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    Good deal, thanks for the update. It seems that Spirit usually opens slightly earlier than East and West. So watching the ice deteriorate on the East and West cams, always gets me curious about Big Spirit.
  2. Reid G

    Ice on Spirit Lake

    Any open water update on Spirit?
  3. Reid G

    Are the walleye starting to bite yet?

    Bumped into a few shallow spawners indvertently, fishing for smallies on big spirt yesterday. Water still cool tho. 46-49 main lake the last two weekends a row.
  4. Reid G

    Side Imaging

    I actually have a "Y" connection between the two, and the unit automatically makes the switch to the thru-hull, when I get on plane.
  5. Did ya? Cool, they are doing some real nice work. Give Justin or Ray a call if your looking for something specific.
  6. Got the flyer in the mail this week. Thanks Bob.
  7. Reid G

    Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    How much ice are u seein on Big Spirit?
  8. Reid G

    Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    How's travel on Big Spirit with a 4x4 truck? Lot's of snow?
  9. Reid G

    Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    How's the ice thickness on Spirit?
  10. Reid G

    What are some good Shakey Jigheads?

    ditto on the spot remover