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  1. One on the biggest issues tiling causes is that when we do have rain events the water makes its way to the rivers and streams at a much faster rate then ever before. The equilibrium that streams/rivers had reached took 1,000's of years to reach. This increase volume of water causes the banks be be unstable and that is why we are having a lot more issues with bank erosion, also the sediement and nutrients that are in the water have less chance of settling out and being filtered and therefore end up in our lakes or into the major rivers and off to the Golf of Mexico. It used to be that many small streams would be running with water year round at reasonable rates. Now many roar in the spring and during heavy rain events while going almost dry at other times of the year.
  2. I have another question tied to the idea of catching my own minnows (which I have been doing off and on most of my life). Do the new AIS regulations of emptying your bait containers carry over into catching my own bait as well? I know known infested waters are clearly off limit for catching any type of bait but what about the other waters? If I seine minnows do I have to bring my own water from home to put them in or can I use water that I caught them in? I posed that question to Skinner the head of the DNR Invasives program this past year and he was unable to give me an answer "we are looking into that". It's still my understanding that that all of us have a right to take water from waters of the state (up to a certain amount before you have to get a permit). Is this still true? 2 years ago a talked with an DNR informant at an access near Alexandria. He told me that we had to drain our baitbuckets when leaving the access but the state laws allowed you to take water from a lake that is not designated as infected so I could walk back down to the lake and take a bucket of water. It seems there are many laws we are dealing with here that are conflicted. It would be nice to have a strait answer. Can anyone clarify any of this? Thanks.
  3. Little Rock on Hwy 10 was completely iced over (everything you can see from the Hwy) when I drove by this morning. Temp on the river was 35 deg....fishing was not good. Missed one walleye that got off at the boat...no other bites.
  4. We fished Traverse, if our luck was any indication the change in the weather sure turned the fish off. 1 walleye in 2 days, it was a 27" though. Lots of rain and wind. Only a couple of pike and some whitebass to fill in the time. Didn't see much for fish being caught from other boats either. Heard that a lot of walleyes were being caught earlier in the week by those chasing panfish though.
  5. Glad to hear that using the decomp button is an acceptable way to turn it off. I have been using this method to trun mine off the last year.....my on/off toggle broke off (luckily in the ON position). I was thinking about replacing it but now it seems there would be no point.
  6. fuzzyray


    When I was a kid my dad torn his Achilles tendon and was in a full leg cast. Me and my sister pulled him around in a sled! (not much snow that year)We only had a hand auger back then and we were to little to use it. It was pretty amazing watching my dad struggle though cutting holes in that thing just so we could fish.
  7. Same issue here. Had H2Oc for about 3 years. Last winter it would take a while to lock in position. By end of winter it would show 7 sats but never lock in. WAAS turned off (never turned it on). Tried Hard and Soft reset and updated firmware with no luck. Guess I'll be sending it in to.
  8. Not sure where you live but don't forget rivers as being an option. I fish a northern stretch of the Mississippi most openers and find that the fishing can be fantastic and the boat traffic is minimal (which makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable opener weekend). Another benefit to river fishing is there are often ample opportunities of places to stop and have a shore lunch! Rivers should be warmer due to spring runoff as well. Good luck!
  9. Remember with ice fishing you don't really need to have the GPS running the whole time you are out anyways. Fire it up to get to your spot or to mark a new location and turn it off when not in use. It is easy enough to have a few extra batteries in your pocket anyways. It seems that is the best place to keep batteries anyways. They seem to not last as long when they are cold (I use rechargeables).
  10. I got the Color unit last year. I went back and forth for a while before I pulled the trigger. If you get a chance to look at them both side by side you can see there is another aspect to consider, the resolution. Both units have a 3" diagonal screen but the color unit has more pixels (320x240). The B&W unit only has 240x180 pixels in the same area. This along with the color makes the H2Oc a lot easier to read. The display is much more crisp and you can read the text and make out the detail much easier. If you are teetering on the line of which one to get please take the time to stop by a store and look at them side by side. It is very obvious of the resolution difference when you compare them. Good luck on picking out a unit. I love mine!
  11. fuzzyray


    Got out near St Cloud and Brainerd Saturday. Found between 4-7 inches on the 3 lakes we hit. We did find some very thin ice on Lake Alexander as you moved from the bay into the main lake (2 inches) needless to say we stayed in the bay. Got a nice mess of sunnies midday. Other than that could find much for fish. Ice still can very greatly though, we found a line in the ice on Alex. 5-6 inches on obe side 2-3 on the other. Next weekend the ice should be looking pretty good with all this cold weather. Hope the fish cooperate as well.
  12. In the past I have caught my own minnows (usually seining) and would like to get into it again. I was hoping someone here could run me though a Minnow Basics 101. I tried a few smaller rivers around St Cloud this week with minimal success. What type of seasonal patterns do minnows follow and what are the ideal conditions/areas to look for when catching minnows. Where would the minnows be this time of the year? I am assuming they make some type of spawing run in the spring much like our state's gamefish. Would this run be nearer to the outlet of a stream into a larger river/lake or should I start by looking further upstream. I guess any tips would be appreciated. I have waders, seinging nets and a few traps and I am ready to get rolling! Just point me in the right direction!! Thanks a lot.
  13. Only managed one small walleye Saturday. The bass and northerns were on fire though! I probably caught 12 bass and 10 northens and my dad did about the same. They were stacked up on a weedy break on the windy side of the lake we fished. Fished shallow all day Saturday. Talked to a buddy and they had decent luck fishing deeper water (17-24'), went out with him Sunday night and we got 4 nice eyes and missed quite a few. Beautiful night Sunday. Made me question braving the elements Saturday. Can't wait to get out again!
  14. There is a smaller lake that we fish for walleyes and panfish. A small stream runs into it. Upsteam from the outlet the stream there is a culvert where it runs under a road. There is a posting at the culvert as well as at the outlet into the lake "No fishing until "somedate in June I think". What exactly are the regulations as far as distance one would need to stay away from these areas. Obviously it means no fishing from the culvert area but how far are you expected to stay away from the posted area in the main lake? I would think there is some detailed info about this on the DNR site and I will look for it but thought someone here might already know the answer to my question. Thanks a lot.....a day and a half to go (I plan on hitting water at midnight Friday...Alexandria area.)
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