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  1. Thank you..That means I need to buy an onboard charger that handles 2 batteries... Thanks again Craig
  2. I now have the trolling motor working better than I expected Thanks to you Gentlemen... Now my next question...Is it possible to charge both batteries by simply attaching the charger to one of the batteries? the set up I have is the "jumper to the series and the two lines to feed the troller" Thanks for you insights
  3. Thank you for your insights....I did like Tonkabass recommended and the trolling motor is running like I hoped it would... Here's to a great fishing season Thanks again Craig
  4. I have an older Alumnicraft boat that originally came with a 12 volt trolling motor...It finally gave out this fall and I bought a used Minnkota trolling motor that is 24 volt. The storage area for batteries has two battery tiedown areas as well as 2 separate battery cables--one complete +/- for each battery. Up in the front of the boat is a switch that states down for 24 volt, center for 12 volt and up for recharging. I hooked each battery up to their individual cables and flipped the front switch to 24 volt and ran the trolling motor out in the bay. It works but seems to be running slower than I expected. Should I add a continuity cable between the batteries. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Each year I fly to my buddies place and we fish for a week...Now we must check all the fishing gear. They will not let you carry on any rods, reels or tackle...all must be checked...I always cushion mine the best I can. I also bought a soft sided tackle box...take the plastic boxes out and separate them within my luggage..then fold up the soft tackle box and store it. This year my buddy and I are thinking about carrying minimum tackle, everything that you check costs money
  6. They work out an agreement with a restaurant to make something special with bologna...then you snowmobile to the location via the trails...
  7. The local clubs are all beginning their Bologna runs this month...these are either a Wednesday or a Saturday...They are always looking for riders to join them...call the Merrifield Marathon snowmobile club at 218 825-8218 for more information..
  8. don"t know about Cross, but upper whitefish opened again this week and is beginning to close again...still a lot of open water between big island and the river opening
  9. a river running thru the lake on the north side along with another river down the middle...ice is nowhere near ready...
  10. Thanks to all of you for your insights....the grooming issue may be due to the fact that we live on a lake and we cannot keep the dogs out of the water...We have used a furminator brush for the last few years also, maybe we need to make sure we dry them immediately upon gettting out of the lake and then furminate them when we have them dry... We are trying a change in dog food too.. We will try anything to not make the dogs go thru this again Again Thanks to everyone for their insights Craig
  11. Thanks Ken....I will call the vet this morning and try to get this question answered.... Craig
  12. My Two young Goldens now have what the vet terms HOT SPOTS...They both got pimples under their hair and then the Ooze began...The vet shaved them and then told us to bathe that location a couple of times each day with an anti-something she gave us...She says that many dogs get this and you need to stay ahead of it or it will get very infected and have a long term effect on the dogs... Wondering how many others have this issue with their dogs? It was a large vet bill and any insight into how we can prevent in the future would be very appreciated... Thanks in advance Bakerman
  13. I am fortunate to live on the Whitefish Chain of lakes..When my honey holes get quiet, I can go to another lake without using a trailer.2 years ago I sold my boat trailer no need to have it sitting around getting older...there is always a new part of the chain to learn about...if I lived on a smaller lake, I believe I would have to trailer to different lakes...
  14. I would vote for the BOAT....gets me to my FISHING HOLES....beer is a very close second...
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