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  1. Yes - with the rpm dialed down as low as i could get it and a the trim slightly north of 0 degrees, i could go about 2.0 mph.
  2. Thanks Floyd We love it so far. I'm looking forward to a real fishing trip in it, but other than that, I think I've put it through its paces in most of the situations it will see, and it's performed admirably.
  3. Skunked - True! And they aren't getting any lighter. Sounds like we might end up going to the game saturday too. Got the boat out last night - 2 guys, cooler, new hub. The new hub made a huge difference. Vibration is gone. 50.1 MPH with one guy in the boat, 49.3 with both of us. 5700 RPM at WOT either way. And you were all right, the tempest has a great hook up and planes very quickly. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. Went to the dealer and got an education on the flo torq hubs. Flo torq 1 - pressed in rubber hub. Prop seats tightly against the thrust washer and is held in place by the nut against the face of the metal insert in the rubber hub. Flo torq 2 - lightly pressed in delrin hub. the delrin hub is "break away" so if you hit something, it can spin on the delrin and break it, and you aren't out a prop, you just have to replace the hub. And, even with the broken spun hub, you can limp it home. Prop seats against the thrust washer and is held in place by the prop nut against the aft adapter, which seats against the aft race on the prop hub. Here's where it gets different: Flo torq 3 - lightly pressed in delrin hub. The delrin hub is two piece and has titanium springs that will bend under torsion - so that there is some free rotational play. This is designed to eliminate the chatter of the prop at idle, when decelerating, and also when shifting into gear. Interestingly, the prop is NOT seated against the thrust washer when the prop is not spinning. The aft adapter is also not seated against the prop. The nut seats the aft adapter against the thrust washer (and therefore, it doesn't slide on the prop shaft), but the prop has some fore/aft free play on the delrin hub. Once the motor is in gear, the prop self seats on the thrust washer. Flo torq 4 - same as 3, but for higher HP applications Anyway, he gave me a flo torq 4 in place of my flo torq 2. He said it should eliminate the slight vibration i had at idle before. This has been a fun experiment/learning experience. Thanks for all your advice! I will report back when I get it out later this week.
  5. You were right - it seems like a great prop so far! I can't wait until I can get it out and get some more hours on it to learn more about it. Interesting to hear you guys both plug the PVS holes. I'm going to try the same next time I have it out and see what it does. I'm hoping I can get it out some night this week and beat on it a little bit. Still need to figure out the hub question, I think I'm going to swing by the dealer tomorrow and look at the parts side by side.
  6. Got the boat out today with the 19P Tempest. Wow, did that wake it up. Almost 50 MPH and gained 500 RPM. And, I was on a smaller lake so I'm not sure if I really found top end. Couple things: 1) Thanks for the thoughts on PVS. I'm going to try plugging them off and compare that with what I've got right now. 2) Seems like this prop vibrates a little more than the laser II did. Not sure if that's the prop "settling in" or not - I didn't get a lot of time on it, and the vibration did get less and less the more I ran it. I'm going to re-torque the prop nut before I take it out next just to be sure. 3) Are flo torq II and flo torq III/IV parts interchangeable? Is the aft adapter different lengths on the different systems? I think that when I gave the dealer back the Laser II, it looked like the aft adapter included with the Tempest was longer. That said, my aft adapter that came with the Laser was back home on my boat, so he kept the one that came with the Tempest and said to re-use the one I had at home. The insert he gave me looked like flo torq II, and now my mind is messing with me as I wonder if I have a flo torq III/IV insert and a flo torq II aft adapter. Maybe they are the same - maybe it doesn't matter. Not sure if anyone knows or not. Thanks again for all the (ongoing!) help!
  7. Kyhl Thanks for the response. I know what they are for, I was asking Moose if he changed insert sizes and and if it actually changed anything or why I shouldn't just take them out altogether to vent the most exhaust possible.
  8. Moose Hunter - I have the 19P Tempest on the boat now and I'll drag it out this weekend and see how it runs. One question - did you mess with those PVS ports on the hub? Mine has the large hole insert in place, but I see you can get medium, small, or close them off altogether.
  9. Got out and tried it all. First, the tach needle isn't sticking, its really maxing at 5000. And, I loaded up with 4 guys, a full livewell, a full cooler and a bunch of fishing gear and it maxed at 4900. So, looks like it is overpropped. The motor height looks right - its in the second hole from the top and the cav plate is right at the surface of the water when running wide open. When I get the 19P tempest I'll report back.
  10. Great advice. Mine is also a 2012 model, same length - 1875, same beam 95" (I think), so hopefully your setup is a decent proxy for mine. The dealer is going to get me a 19P Tempest plus and I'll report back when I get that. In the meantime, I'll check my cav plate height tonight on the trailer and then go put it on the water and check the sticky tach needle idea and where the cav plate is actually running in the water. Thanks for all the help.
  11. Good idea - I will have it out this weekend and will report back. I'm going to check the sticky tach idea, and if I can get a hold of one, the 19P tempest. Good thought on the motor height as well. I'll check that too. What length pro-v do you have?
  12. Thanks for the replies all. Next time out I'm going to check on the tach needle sticking, and now you gave me something else to think about, Box. The Laser II was the prop that came on the rig. I think I'm going to try the Tempest. I have noticed that in a tight turn it ventilates a bit, nothing too extreme, but I can definitely pick up the change in sound as the motor spins up a bit. I should try it in both 19 and 21 to see how it works out, depending on what I find out about my (potentially) sticky tach needle. The fun of a new rig!
  13. Thanks for the reply Del. That's a good thought - do you mean "does the tach needle stick at 5 grand even though the motor might actually be over 5 grand?" I will check that, I should be able to back the throttle off slightly and hear the motor lose RPM and verify that the tach needle moves too. That would actually explain everything, and I agree that speed seems pretty high with a 21P prop at 5000 RPM. The gear ratio is 1.92. I think that if it was actually doing 5500 RPM and had 15% slip, that would be about 48 MPH, right? It's a new motor, just bought it a month ago. It isn't the Verado, its the new naturally aspirated 150. I probably have 10 or 12 hours on it, so should be past the break in, but I also had that same thought. The fact that there was no RPM difference between loaded and unloaded made me think that maybe it was that way, but I think it should be past that now. I'm not sure, but if you are right about the tach needle sticking, that would explain it.
  14. Thanks for the response. It runs at 5K either way, loaded or unloaded. It's almost like its electronically limited at 5000, although I don't think that's the case. I had it out last week with a full livewell, cooler of beverages, bunch of gear, 3 people, and it tops out at 5K. It's still doing almost 48MPH, so its plenty fast, I just don't want to lug the engine if I don't have to.
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