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  1. Is that a 500 sportsman?
  2. I will admit that the tires on it now are getting wore down, but if I am going to get new ones, I want them big! I'm not worried about the 500 turning them, it actually has pretty decent power. If not, I will re clutch it like rundrave suggested.
  3. Have an 01 Ranger 500 Looking to put the widest and tallest Possible tires on it that I can fit, if I have to lift it some thats ok. Reason being is I need it to go thru mud, Pasture and fields and not get stuck, and the little tires on there now just aren't cutting it, or maybe I should say they are cutting it since they seem to cut right into the ground. If I had to get different Rims to do it that would be ok as long as I can make them fit on my 4 bolt lugs.
  4. some good discussion here guys. I may just end up going with concrete anyways, but I wanted to look at my other options, since I didnt NEED concrete for load bearing. Going to keep looking at my options and pricing. Any other suggetions are greatly appreciated. I won't be starting the project until next summer any ways so Ive got some time.
  5. i realize that by just packing it it wont be level, I would have to use leveling strings and keep working it level kind of like screeding concrete.
  6. I am toying with the idea of converting a pole barn to an insulated shop. Heres the catch. It will be a wood shop for my side business, and I do not want cement. It also has to be done on a budget as I like to run my side business debt free. Anyways, the idea I currently have is to build the current dirt floor up about 6-8 inches with some type of crushed rock or pea rock. I would pack and level. I would then put a layer of 1 inch foam across it. then layer 3/4 inch plywood and seal. This shop wouldn't be supporting a lot of weight. The max would be occasionally a bobcat or pick up truck. Now i know this is not a popular idea, as I have never seen it done on a shop floor, but my uncle used packed pea rock/crushed rock for the foundation of his house, and just laid a 2x8 down on it and built up from there. So i think it would have a good possibility of working, but the only potential problem I see would be settling over time in areas, but if its packed tight and the ground beneath is packed tight, it should work. What say you? -----
  7. How big would an average 8 point 120" deers antlers be in velvet this time of year. Outside of ears yet? Putting on several extra points? What percentage of antler growth is usually done by now? Just wondering because Ive been doing more scouting this year and seen some nice bucks just trying to gauge what their size will be this fall?
  8. that also helps so you can see out to the sides better. I do it everytime.
  9. I ended up just fishing, because i didnt bring my spearing stuff with, but I think I might try to make it up there again later this year with the spear shack.
  10. Going to be in baudette this weekend, thought if the fishing was slow, id give spearing a shot. Anyone speared there before? What are some good depths/areas to try? Not looking for your spot, just a general location/area. Thanks
  11. wow, that looks like a biggun, Id like to find that lake/river to, looks like hungry fish.
  12. That looks like a really old photo for some reason. Nice fish tho.
  13. Wow, Never thought Id see the day of the down turn of AA suits. After all the promoting and hype everyon did on this site a few years ago, never thought it would end. Granted I did Buy a suit, and I like it for the most part, just funny to see the tables turn.
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