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  1. tedl

    Tannery lost bear hide?

    They found it and it looks great.
  2. tedl

    Tannery lost bear hide?

    If they lose your trophy is it just tough luck? If I were to spend $16,000 on a grizzly hunt and they lose its just to bad?
  3. Has anyone else had this happen? If so now what?
  4. tedl

    favorite frozen pizza?

    Just had a Giovannini's frozen pizza. It was good, but the crust was nothing more than an unsalted saltine cracker. However the sauce was great, and cheese content was perfect.
  5. tedl

    favorite frozen pizza?

    Duh! Winning! But yeah, makes me happy too.
  6. tedl

    favorite frozen pizza?

    I have to agree they are the worst. I tried the bbq chicken pizza and it was possibly the worst thing I had ever tasted.
  7. tedl

    favorite frozen pizza?

    Finally got to try a Heggies, and it was very good. It reminded me of Red's Savoy pizza in St. paul.
  8. tedl

    Hunting Land

    You need to think of the taxes! If you do any improvements such as build a shack your taxes will go up dramatically. My taxes go up 35% to 70% every year with out any improvements.
  9. tedl

    New friends?

    Join the Fire Dept. or the Jaycees (junior chamber of commerce). You have to get involved in order to meet people. The Jaycees is a good organization for that the age limit is 41 so it would be people your age.
  10. tedl

    Pak Shack?

    I like mine for the BWCA. I can put it on a pulk sled with the rest of my stuff and ski out a couple of miles.
  11. I carry some twist ties in my pocket with my tags. They work good and hold up.
  12. tedl

    Deer down!

    I have had this happen to me before. I had no blood, found him maybe 20 yards from were I shot him. When I did find him there was no blood on his hide, but when I opened him up he was full of blood. I think you will find this guy for sure. Keep us posted.
  13. I had to go down to Hugo to get this one because there is no deer up here! Shot this guy the first 10 min. of the hunt. I think he was fighting all night his neck was all wet and his brow tines were all chipped and he had three teeth missing and still bleeding. 3/4 of his right antler was broken off earlier in the year.