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  1. was a good afternoon on the north end of Prairie , caught a mix of crappies ,gills and perch along with 3 walleyes. 1 on a tip up 2 on jig pole with a wax worm ...go figure right? Bite has been hot and fast but only the last hour to hour and a half before dark. Sat yesterday from 2 to 630 and never marked a fish until 430ish then the screen just lit right up as usual. Pink n white rat finkie or chartruese with a waxie. 3 people the last 1 1/2 hours yesterday.
  2. Got a mix of 17 crappies and gills. Bite was 430-6. As I said before if your not getting any change change change the color and style of your jig. I was marking fishing but not takers. Tried a few different styles and colors. Finally put on a white and pink rat finkie and that was the ticket.
  3. they'll bite just don't sit with one lure change change change change. I was a moderator many moons ago but bowed out. Other than myself and a hand full of others nobody wanted to share lakes there were fishing on or give reports but they all wanted to ask question of lakes spots etc when someone did post a decent report . They all want the information but don't want to reciprocate and from what I have seen things haven't' change for the better but gotten worse than it was.
  4. was a good morning able to fish for a couple hours early this morning and managed 18 mix of crappie and gills.
  5. Agree with Arnesens been going there for years and again this year last weekend in February.
  6. fished Prairie (north end ) this morning, had 11 flags 7 eyes 1 legal. Yesterday we had 7 flags 1 legal eye. Been getting nice perch and gills not allot just good quality. We switched to using the smallest slender spoon we can find and tip it with 2 wax worms. It keeps the little ones away.
  7. Colter let's us know how you did. Did see allot of people coming out the last couple hours of the day. I was going off the landing by horseshoe island. People scattered all over mainly to the north.
  8. Fished north end of prairie lake again this morning. Ended up with 17 perch , 6 gills 1 crappie 1 northern.
  9. Have not been out yet but going to give it a shot tomorrow. Did see portables on the north end of Prairie north of horseshoe island along the east shore. Heard they were getting some nice perch.
  10. Let's get this thread fired up again. Its time to get back to older times when people helped each other out. Post ice reports fishing reports with the lake you fished NOT YOUR SPOT just the lake and what you caught.
  11. well i have my camper on the chip and was called and told to put off the opener until the following weekend. Lots of ice to go and the temps later this week won't help much.
  12. vman59

    Colorado Unit 70

    esox , shoot me a email at [email protected] Need to pick yout braihn some more about unit 70
  13. Fished Red Cedar yesterday afternoon and evening. Caught one small eye 14". Was the only flag. Good number of people out but no concentrations pretty scattered.
  14. Myself and 4 sons ended up with 3 bucks and 4 does of which 3 had front legs broke already. Nothing big as bucks go but got the ones we wanted out of the gene pool out of there.