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  1. There are actually quite a few lakes on the muskie list, that do not show any muskies on the lake survey. I think it would be nice to build up the population on some of these lakes. Now, granted most of those lakes are the shoepac strain of muskies. I know the DNR doesn't like to displace the natural strain that is in a lake. They have done it in the past, and it has produced well. They could start to put the Leech Lake strain into these waters. As far as the Mississippi goes, they do stock near St. Paul, and there are muskies in the Brainerd area, and spots north and south.
  2. I am heading over to Holcombe for a weekend, and bringing my boat. I was wondering what the water clarity is like, and any suggestions on baits for smallies, or muskies. I will be over there October 14-16. Thanks, Lance
  3. You can check out the meetings page on the North Metro HSOforum. http://www.(Contact Us Please)/meetings-membership.html Lance
  4. I am glad everyone had a good time. I was unable to make the meeting, as I was in Florida for the week. I wish I could have made it. The schedule for the rest of the year is looking good for speakers. Feb 21st we have Leech lake guide Jim "Murph" Murphy. March 21st we have Mille Lacs guide Steve Scepaniak. April 18th we have Miltona guide Brad Hoppe who also makes the Showgirl's & Cowgirl's & now Eagletails. May 16th we will have Jack Burn's. Please feel free to show up at the meetings. Lance
  5. The North Metro chapter of Muskies Inc, is proud to have Doug Johnson as our speaker on Tuesday January 17th. He will be talking about Lake of the Woods. This will be a great presentation, and everyone is welcome. The meeting starts at 7:30 at the Knight's of Columbus in Fridley, MN. If you want to show up early, grab a great dinner upstairs, at a very reasonable price. For directions please check out the meetings page on the North Metro site. http://www.northmetromuskies.com/meetings-membership.html
  6. If you were out on Lake Minnetonka on October 2nd, 2004, chances are you were participating in Lucky Libby’s Muskie Tournament. The beautiful day brought in almost $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota! If you missed this great fishing opportunity, you’ll get another chance to try your hand at catching a big muskie! Because of the fantastic success their first time around, Lucky Libby and her dad are hosting another tournament on October 1, 2005 during fishing hours 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sign up today! Call TIm or Libby Hoene @ (763) 755-2484 Last year it was headquartered at Maynard's.
  7. Why not just sign up for the Lucky Libby Make a Wish tournament that is going on out there on Saturday? You get to fish, and help kids. Now granted it is $150 per person, but it is a tax write-off. Otherwise stop by and check out the silent auction. I did the tournament last year, but can't make it this year. Lance
  8. Email Thor at [email protected] I did the HSOforum for him, and they are still making the products. You might be able to just run over there, and pick some up. They are in Centerville. Lance
  9. http://www.twincitiesmuskiesinc.org/ Lance Peitso North Metro Muskies Inc.
  10. Odyssey is not going out of business. You can fax your order into them, and get the information off their HSOforum. http://www.odysseylures.com Lance
  11. I think the gophers will get one soon. I would rather see the Twins in Anoka county instead of the Vikes. If my taxes are going up, I want 81 dates, not 10 dates for that jack in taxes. Lance
  12. The meeting was last night. The Knight's of Columbus in Fridley is a couple blocks north of Mississippi and Highway 65. Lance
  13. The Twin cities chapter meets the second tuesday of the month at the Knight's of Columbus in Bloomington. I would suggest you drag your dad to both meetings. Lance North Metro Muskies Inc.
  14. Just picked up a Whitefish Weagle, and worked the Brainerd booth. It was a fun time. Lance
  15. I will be working the Brainerd chapter of MI at the Extreme Expo next weekend. I will be working at the North Metro booth for the Blaine show. I might also be working my neighbors booth at the Blaine show. He won't be at Medina because there is a large tradeshow in Vegas that he will be working. There will be quite a few booths there, and if you stop by the Brainerd MI booth on Friday I might be there. Lance
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