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  1. thoughts and prayers out to the family
  2. I agree with lep, get it blocked up so youcan turn the back wheels to see where the poroblem starts. You say the back tire looks terible, it could be that it did not seat all the way when you re inflated it.
  3. Just some of what I carry in the north country. air compressor,tire plug kit , valve stems, slime, ratchet strap,bunggie cords, socket and wrench sets,screw divers,allen wrenchs, snatch blocks, choker strap, duct tape,and tie wire spark plugs.Chainsaw on front rack and hand saw or machette in box. Emergengcy wise. first aid kit,space blankets,fire starter,extra food and water and if you are a person that needs daily meds. carry enough for at least a one day supply. If you are a person that is alergict to stings carry the meds. and make sure someone else knows how to administer it. This may sound like a lot but epuipment wise everything has been used at one time or another. Emergency wise the worst we have had is a smashed wrist. Split was made out of sticks and duct tape, sling made out of a towel some one had and the whole works duct taped to the body to stabilize it. 3 miles later we were able to put them in a truck to suffer 2 miles of logging road before hitting a real road. The point is go preparedbecause you just don't know what can happen out there.
  4. If you get one without side railes and use a set of short ramps you can load any way you want.
  5. I have been a life member for some time and the best I can tell you is give it a try and decide for yourself. The mag. is much like any outdoor mag. and you will recieve more of the try for 30 day offers then the test and keep. To me this is understandable becusse manufactures can only give out so meny items to be tested to differnt clubs. The 30 trial stuff I beleif are items the club is looking to sell themeself. Do not join looking for a lot of free things to try and keep.
  6. tripper

    ATV Battery

    You either got a bad battery or your not letting it run long enough. When I start mine in the winter to just charge the batery it runs for no less then 1 hr. Realy setting in a heated place like yours is you shouldn't have to worry about it.
  7. Can not tell you which is better but I have owned nothing but polais since 94 and none of them failed as long as the battery was good. When batteries were bad I can not remember pulling over four times to have one running in any weather.
  8. Wow I felt the same way about the pics. not being on the up and up but kept quit because I am no a expert. Seemed to me with that kind so much pressure there should of been some stock and breech damage to. iff, you are of coase rite but in the same token we as gun owners do not need any faked stupidity floating around out there for the anti's to use.
  9. I"m a bow hunter 2 but for some reason I like a little snow on the ground for rifle season. But no matterr what I will be on stand 20 to 30 min. before shooting time.
  10. I Would say that if you are doing what you think is rite then you are doing the rite thing. You leave your cloths in the woods a week before season, I knew a guy that, for the 2 weeks before season, would take a different dirty t-shirt of his to the stand every 2 days and leave it hang there. he would do this all season also. He shot big bucks every year. His thought was that the deer got use to his smell in the area so paid no attention to it. Just go hunt the way you think is rite and enjoy it. Because I have taken 2 does already with my bow and want to save the buck tag to hunt with the grand kids, I spent 4 hrs. on stand today with my bow , incase a wall hanger came by and a camera for anything else. I enjoyed every min. even if I didn't see anything. Enjoy the hunt, that is what counts.
  11. My morning of hunting was a little short but enjoyed it. It was a quit walk into the stand because the melting frost had the under cover nice and wet. I got on stand and had been there all of 10 min. when three spikers came in on my right side at about 20 yrds. I had decided to just watch go about their way when it dawned on me they were all looking at somthing on the other side of me. I turned my head slowly and caught movement a little to my right rear just as a doe steped out of the brush 15 yrds from me. She was on a trail that would take her past me at about 10 yrds. and on out infront of me. As she moved by me I slowly got my relase on the string and prepared for the draw. Her path took her behind a small spruce and I made the draw and waited for her to step out. When she steped out I had a nice quarting away shot at 15 yrds. so I let out a little mouth beat and she stoped. I let the arrow go and watched as it disapeared in her side. She made a couple jumps and took a few steps moving maybe 7 yrds. further down the trail and stoped . I thought about getting another arrow out but knew I had a good hit as I could see my arrow laying on the ground were I had hit her. She stood there for a while and before laying down never to get up again. In the mean time the three spikers milled around my stand for another 15 min. and I could of taken any one of them too had I wanted to but we let them go for a few more years.
  12. If there is no tear in the boot and the boot clamp and boot are in place I would not worry about it unless you lost a great anount of grease.
  13. Years ago my brother inlaw and I were tracking a deer that he had wounded rite at quiting time. He was sure of a good hit so walked home to drope off our guns and get lights to track with. Upon returning dwe found a good blood trail and figured it would be a short tracking job. Well it wasn't long and the trail became very light and then we lost it buy a dead fall. We made several circales around the area and could not find the trail and for some reason I decided to go over the dead fall. Some where in the prosess I miss steped or a branch broke and and I fell into the dead fall. I thought the world as I knew it had ended as my foot made contact with the deer and it erupted out of the dead fall. Did I scream, yell, dirty or wet my pants? I know I didn't wet or dirty, the rest I don't know. I just know that my bro in-law said he heard it go back down and I told him to go find it himself, I was going home. Heres one that is part truth and part stretched truth, politics type. I was about 13 and was waling home from one of my buddies that lived a half mile from me. It was one of those moonless nights that you could almost see your feet. I was about 200 yards from my dads drive way when there was this blood curdling scream that I'm sure was a few yards off in the woods but seemed rite next to me. I don't know how long it took for me to hit the ground again but but the county had to come fix the hole my feet dug in the tar because they were moving so fast when I touched down. After busting the trought the doors of the house and getting commend down some what my dad explained that it was not a woman or neightbor girl I heard screaming but a lynx. You all have a good night
  14. You not only live in the country but on the back side od the fourty. I'm going to suggest sonting alittle differnt then everybody else and tell you to use the money from the sale of your skidster to buy a blower that will mount on the front of you atv. Just turn the discharge in the same direction the wind is blowing and god only knows how fare away from the drive the snow will end up and you have no windrow for the snow to start difting off of when the wind blows. If you do get hard drifts across you drive you just slow down a bit to give the blower time to eat through it. Just another angle for you to look at.
  15. tripper

    Tear in my beer

    Two years ago me and my bro. were at the range with our TC hand guns. For what ever rason after we done shooting and putting things in the truck he laid his TC on the roof of my truck. I drove a mile to the four lane and went to town to do somthing and then we went to my house, an hour later while unloading he relizes his gun is gone. To shorten this, his gun was found on the 4 lanevby some two very nice people that turned it in at the locale PD.
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