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  1. DHanson

    fighting in college hockey.

    That was a terrible game last night for SCSU, total embarassment. Have to give it to the Sioux though, they looked really good this weekend. If you are the huskies, I guess you got to look at it as a loss is the same no matter if you lose by 1 or 7. Gophers sure are having a tough year, got swept again. It's been a while since I remember them struggling this much. I think Denver is the team to beat right now though, they look really good. As for fighting, I don't know. I think it's fine if they wrestle or whatever, but when you take gloves and helmets off, that should stay out of college hockey IMO.
  2. DHanson

    The muskies AREN'T eating all MY walleyes!

    Drake, I'd be more worried about the guys fishing 40' or deeper. Those are all dead fish no matter if they are released. A guy could easily kill a 100 fish out there in a day with all those little ones getting thrown back by uneducated anglers, or guys that just don't care. I miss the Miltona of 5+ years ago. Nobody used to fish out there, haha.
  3. DHanson

    Safe release time??

    I understand your point, but you can't compare a muskie to a carp, or a muskie to a catfish. Just like it would be unfair to compare a rainbow trout to a catfish. If you have ever trout fished, you would know those fish can die just from touching one out of the water. The fact of the matter is, some species of fish are more fragile than others. It's not about putting a fish on a pedestal and ranking a certain specie of fish higher than the other. It's about maximizing percentage of successful releases. A muskie might seem as a big tough fish to some, but they actually are a pretty weak fish when it comes to the amount of stress they can handle. The rainbow trout is the only other fish that I frequently catch that is more fragile than a muskie when it comes to successful catch and release. Nobody here is saying that a muskie is better than any other fish. When I go out and catch other fish, I treat them with the same respect.
  4. DHanson

    Safe release time??

    Time out of the water is crucial. How many muskies have you handled, dtro?
  5. DHanson

    Safe release time??

    If you have not handled a lot of muskies, it's easy to assume that these fish are like releasing other freshwater fish. Before I started muskie fishing, I also thought they would be as easy to release like other fish. The fact of the matter is they are anything but easy to release. These fish are very fragile and can die very easy. Having the necessary tools to help the release process is very important. For fish that I decide to take a picture of and measure using a bumpboard, it's done in about 20 seconds.
  6. Sorry to hear of this. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
  7. DHanson

    Tips and tricks you do to your lures

    Torch works ok. I recommend "mend-it." It works as a type of glue and is truly amazing. I buy it from Aaron at Musky Tackle Online.
  8. DHanson

    Thoughts on Mounting Perch?

    14" is a big perch and I would def. think about putting one like that on the wall. I think my best is 12.5" out of Mille Lacs. I guess a guy I know got a 14-15" out of LOW last weekend.
  9. DHanson

    Joe Mauer a Twin for Career??

    My good friend's Dad is friends with Joe Mauers Dad (if that makes any sense). A couple of my very good friends grew up with the Mauers and played baseball together in Little League. Anyways, my friends Dad asked Joes Dad last week what it's going to take to keep him here in MN. He said at least 20 mill. a year.
  10. DHanson

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    You need to change your username to "sunfishkeith." Nice fish.
  11. DHanson

    new rods

    You won't meet a better guy than James from Tackle Industries. He makes some great products. And while they may not be made in the USA, you are still supporting James and his family and all the donations he gives out. Operation Muskie is one that comes to mind that he donates a ton of things to.
  12. DHanson

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    i don't think he got it
  13. DHanson

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    Favre would have gained at least 7 yards if he would have ran instead of passed.
  14. DHanson

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    Taylor is WAY better than AP!!!!
  15. DHanson

    Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship Game

    2 handoffs to AP?????