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  1. rosspj59

    Slowwww start

    Nice fish fellas. My family and I fished a big sand point weed edge this weekend for sunfish and there were bunches of them ready to attach any bait threw at them. We didn't find much for crappies though. Could have been the weather yesterday. Are points near deep water usually good areas for crappies this time of year post spawn? I was getting some good sized post spawners on a small underwater point near standing cabbage last week, but they were absent yesterday so we went looking for sunnies and bass. I tried pitching a jig/minnow but the pike kept biting me off.
  2. rosspj59

    Vortex on sale

    Caught a some walleyes, sheepshead, and catfish with mine last weekend. Worked quite well for the price. Biggest eye was 22 inches. I have it paired with a gander tourney reel I picked up a month ago as well for 29.99.
  3. rosspj59

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Very impressive. Amazing you caught her in that chocolate colored water. Congrats!
  4. I have a 7 ml and like it a lot for lindy rigging and casting cranks on the river. Good purchase for around 50 bucks.
  5. Thanks for report. How was driving around the lake? 4x4 truck still able to get around ok in that area?
  6. The neighbors have a spot on this lake. Trying to gauge fishing there since they don't fish much. Is the lake decent for bass and panfish? I fished Round for the first time this year and was impressed. Good panfish and bass action.
  7. rosspj59

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Wow, very nice!
  8. rosspj59

    Fall River Basics

    Pitching jigs to rock structure on Pool 2 would be my go to presentation, but you can also vertical jig and drag jigs to get walleyes on pool 2, 3 and the st croix. Trolling and casting crank baits will work well until the water drops below 50 degrees. The water level will help decide where the fish will be. Low flows will cause fish to be closer to current. This means neck down areas on the St Croix and the main channel on the Miss. Jigs with bait, plastics or hair jigs will work well.
  9. rosspj59

    Minn-Kota Trolling Motor Turning Problems

    Hey Jentz, I have a powerdrive that turns slowly to the left, but turns fast or normal to the right. Does that sound like a white motor with gear issue or foot pedal issue?
  10. rosspj59

    St. Paul Ice Show

    Bikini ice fishing girls and propane powered jiffy auger.
  11. rosspj59


    Kind of a weird ending, but it is what it is. I only ponder as to why Ben would not go into the church with the others. Of course he was the bad guy most of the show, but is that the only reason? The whole remembering everything by touching or seeing each other was kind of odd too. Desmond said he was on the Oceanic plane last night. Was he on the first plane that crashed, I can't remember? I don't recall seeing him at the church either.