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  1. I had the problem years ago, we refer to them as axles when actually the only time they turn is when we raise and lower the house. They serve as a pivot point, hence there isn't much movement. Mine were seized up solid, took some heat at a welding shop to break them loose. What we did was grind the "axle" portion down to be a bit undersized and reassemble using 'Anti-seize' rather than grease. Did this about 6 years ago - I check every year and haven't even had to add more anti-seize. Problem solved!
  2. A lot of good ideas here. I especially like the 12 ga. brush and silicone.
  3. What have you found to be the best remedy to make flip-over poles so they slide freely and smoothly. I've tried some emery cloth and a file right on the ends of the poles. Smaller conduit ones seem worse - the size used in the single fish traps.
  4. I cannot stress the importance enough - follow the manufacturers directions and do not "customize" the heater and/or vent in any way. One case scenario about 15 years ago - a group built a 10' x 16' house. The guys installing the direct vent heater "customized" the vent because they did not have the correct wall thickness. Different ones of the group began fishing in the house - they complained about pilot going out and feeling "Dizzy" in the house. A furnace expert was asked to inspect the heater install. His findings: Completely replace the 'customized' vent -and- His words: "the 'fishermen' were very lucky - "dizzy" in the evening would more than likely have been "DEAD" had they spent the night". CARBON MONOXIDE IS THE SILENT KILLER! Having said this, I am a proponent of the direct vent heater (installed properly) - and will continue to use mine for years to come.
  5. Follow the directions for wall thickness exactly. Doesn't matter if you extend on the outside or inside - just do it. I have mine inside - same heater - 12 years never an issue - never a time when pilot blew out. Direct-vent still the best safety record if installed properly. The other plus is that you don't need battery power. Safety first!
  6. Who knows the reason for the State of Minnesota reverting back to Feb. 28th as the expiration date for annual fishing licenses?
  7. I have a '96 Polaris 440 LC without Extra-10 suspension. What is the best way to beef up the rear suspension?
  8. coffee

    Lost key

    Just bought a '96 polaris - got home - no ignition key. How hard is it to find one?
  9. My two cents. Saying everyone needs to own a Honda or Yamaha is like saying the only 4-wheel drive vehicles are the Lincoln or the Cadilac. I purchased a Champion 2000 from Cabelas - 599.00 on sale plus a 50.00 cash back from Cabelas = 550.00. I love it - easy start - quiet - ecconomical - plus - it fit my budget. Just sayin' there are other fish in the sea.
  10. My TWO CENTS; No room whatsoever for this behavior in high school sports. Team sport, individual sport any and all! This student was dead wrong. I can't read any more of the banter about this detail or that detail. He was absolutely, dead wrong today, tomorrow, yesteday whenever. As for the father - double-wrong!
  11. I have a 6-1/2 x 12 w/ 3' V-front with the 15,000 Empire in it. 1-1/2" foam in walls & insulated floor. Has always heated very well. One other thing to think about with a used one - is it blocked out for the proper wall thickness (per installation instructions) - critical!
  12. I bought the Frabil Guardian (2-Man) last year. Love it. All things about it are good quality.
  13. I bought the Frabil Guardian last year - mid-season. Absolutely love it. I own a Fish-Trap Pro (one-man) also. My son-in-law was experiencing troubles dealing with Clam on getting the correct replacement canvas for his 3-man Voyager. That prompted me to do some shopping - I am impressed with the quality of the Guardian.
  14. Hey, I think I can help you. It would be easiest to explain over the phone. You can call me at 218-849-8176.
  15. Ice Pro was built by Ice Castle. It used to be a line of their houses that was sold in the western and northwestern part of Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota.
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