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  1. Great timing for this thread as we were just contemplating whether to hit Timber Jacks or Ernie's tomorrow for dinner. Ernie's is our favorite for lunch on the lake but Timber Jack has great dinner options and atmosphere! Easy choice! Commander's pizza rocks too... interested to see how the new Mexican restaurant in Pequot does....
  2. I have both a Yamaha 450 and a 700 grizzly. Although not Popo's, I prefer the 450 for everything except drag racing and plowing. More nimble with smaller size, costs less and sips gas by comparison. The larger 700 has also gotten stuck in the mud more often than the smaller machine as well. How much plowing do you plan on vs other uses for the machine? The post said limited interest in trail riding, but having the ATV sitting in my garage changed how much I thought I would use it. If plowing is the focus, go big! Size does matter in some places in life
  3. Thank you all for your responses! I was hoping for some state land or other low maintenance road areas where we could ride some. Will definately be looking around by Fifty Lakes and Emily for trails.
  4. Looking for options or advice on using ATVs in Breezy Point area. Are the ditches open for riding and are there any good trails or state land areas that anyone would recommend. Not looking for anything too challenging but hoping to use the wheelers to explore the area. Thanks!
  5. I agree with Goose. I have the F150 on a Skeeter and the low end is disappointing. Very dependable, smooth and quiet, but so is the Suzuki. I would go with the max size possible.
  6. Had my eyes done if '05 and the buildup and thinking about the procedure is the worst part. While you think about cost before hand, I would gladly pay triple after the fact based on how much better quality of life is with no contacts or glasses.
  7. Second the recommendation for Eagle-Cliff. Was there this weekend. Very quiet and great grounds with friendly and accommodating staff.
  8. We have CanAm, Popo, Yami, Honda, and Suzi in the family. The Yamaha Kodiak 450 is the favorite in towing and dependability. Push button 4x4 and Diff Lock makes a big difference. Caveat is the CanAm is Grandpa's and is protected with wax, soft music, massages, and every other pampering known to Man. Thing hasn't seen dirt! Can Am does seem to outmuscle the others despite being a 400 though.... Just picked up a 2010 Grizz 700 for the same price as the 2011 Grizz 550. The 700 is a completely new experience from all the other 400-500 machines! I'd look hard at a new previous year big bore for a bargain before settling to the 500 range based on price alone.
  9. I just added the same 700 Grizz to my 2006 450 Kodiak. Great looking ride and power galore!!
  10. There is always Acura. Front Wheel drive, good luxury, and bullet proof!
  11. My brothers (Ray and Tim) and I hit horrible weather for the 4 days on Otatakan with the exception of Monday which was overcast and windy, but the rain subsided. We found the side of an island opposite the wind where the bait fish were pushed around each edge of the island and we parked there for 4 hours. We hit 200 walleye that afternoon. It was literally catching a fish every cast (or every minute or 2 minute stretch). Home now, hands are completely macerated with Walleye gill cuts and I can barely grasp a cup with how sore the hands are from handling so many fish. Other days were productive with us each catching 20-40 fish, but Monday was un-real!! Try it, you'll like it! Thanks Shane, Mary,and Larry for a great time and smooth landings! BTW: Next time we will not overthink it. GULP Alive 3" Emerald Shiners were almost as productive as leeches and minnows, but minnows were surefire! Also, no need for lindy rigs or anything but gumball jigs. Should have brought more as I went through a lot on the rocks!
  12. I have the Skeeter SL190 with a Yami f150. Comfortable, quiet, fast (58 mph on GPS), tows kids on tubes well. Need to get a lower pitch prop as the power really lags with an adult skier. My 2 complaints are space in the seating area and the number of passengers available (5) and the shallowness of the hull. I have gotten really beaten up on the St. Croix or other larger waters when they get rough. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken a longer look at the 1850 Reata. More space, higher windshield, and well designed. Was $10K more than my Skeeter which made all the difference in the world.
  13. Jaypo

    ATV downsides

    2006 Yamaha 450 Kodiak - great wheeler, but hate the squeeking rear brakes when cold! Stock tires sold with it are weak as well, but I haven't had a problem keeping up in the mud with others, so haven't spent the funds to upgrade.
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