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  1. I went out to the garage tonight and saw a rabbit. I felt compelled to kill it and eat it.
  2. Yeah, I am going to find someone. No way I'll wander into the woods somewhere and just start shooting rifle. I am a city boy. Any rabbit hunters on here want an apprentice? I can barter hand-made fishing lures...
  3. That's the plan so far. The regs stuff is easy. I need the gun, classes and practice now! Thanks brittman.
  4. I am 34 but will certainly be taking firearms safety.
  5. It wouldn't be to provide for them in an economical way. I want to experience it. I enjoy hunting trout. If I also feed the family, then great. I am also not an equipment nut so I tend to do things in an affordable manner anyway.
  6. Yeah, there a chance I'll feel strange but I need to try it and see. Thanks guys for all the info. Perhaps I will shoot some rabbits! It's not just about blood. I want to experience the challenge and provide for my family. Now how do I get a gun? And clean a rabbit. Time to do some research...
  7. Hey all, I have been an angler all my life but not a hunter. I had a deer hunter friend agree to take me hunting last fall if I got all set up, but I got busy at work and never did it. I got the bug to hunt though and now I am thinking that in preparation for next year when I go deer hunting, I should get a small gun and learn to kill, butcher and devour SOMETHING. Any suggestions? Squirrel? Any input appreciated.
  8. It's a nice wall isn't it?!
  9. 9 degrees Fahrenheit: We plan our trips weeks in advance and so we fish no matter what the temp is. We didn't know it was only 9 at the time...
  10. Any trout down there?
  11. Interesting waterbound. i will have to try that. There are times on some streams in particular where I get one hit per hole. If I miss that one hit, no fish. Maybe another color will lure them in a second time. I'd love to find some way to get another chance...
  12. Thought this was worth a photo. Any ideas on the owner?
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