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  1. Just an FYI for those looking to run Dewalt setups - you can pick up nice, brushless 995 Dewalt drill bodies for around $75 on the electronic bay if you don't want to commit your regular drill to auger duty all winter (since it sounds like the chucks are a pain to remove/reattach?). Just search for New DeWalt DCD995 20V Max XR Brushless - looks like people pull them out of kits and just sell them standalone.
  2. Iceboy

    Carlos Avery

    I shot this guy at Carlos Avery a bunch of years ago. It's the only deer I've ever seen there bowhunting, so I wouldn't really recommend it as a great place for numbers due to the pressure it gets. Since it's walk-in only you can get back a ways and get some space to yourself, though. Big Eight
  3. Iceboy

    Over Boot Ice Creepers/Traction

    Kahtoola micro ice! Simply the best, and not that expensive.
  4. I just picked up the Eberlestock X2, Badlands Treestand, and Tenzing 2220 to compare and contrast, and I went with the X2. To be honest it wasn't really close (though admittedly the Treestand is meant to be a different kind of pack). The X2 is very flexible, can carry tons of stuff, and the way it can be opened up to hold large/bulky items is ingenious! I plan on using it to carry my Heater Body Suit and other bulky clothes out to the stand along with all of my regular gear. Check it out - I think it's top-notch! http://www.eberlestock.com/X2%20Pack.htm
  5. Iceboy

    MN good bucks

    Might stay kinda quiet in here - it's hard to compete with those ridiculous deer in the first post! I'm heading down to SE MN next week in search of a big fat doe - I'll post a pic of her here if I get one.
  6. Iceboy

    15" NORTH DAKOTA PERCH -Fishing video

    Too bad about the crappy music. Love big perch!
  7. Iceboy

    Rubber/Muck boots for ice fishing

    I brought home Arctic Sport's and Cabela's Predator Extremes earlier this year to try out - kept the Predator Extremes. Bulkier for sure, but way warmer and your feet never get sweaty due to the fancy liner. Couldn't get past that with the Sport's - plus, I hated looking like Santa and they rubbed my calves raw if I didn't tuck in my pants.
  8. Iceboy

    Eskimo 949i insulated hub fish house

    PM me - I have a brand new one that I haven't used yet I picked up for $300 earlier this year. Set it up in my living room and it's great - just haven't had a chance to use it. I'd have no problem selling it and picking up another one next fall - more room in my closet. They really are nice... dan
  9. Iceboy

    Who loves their LX-6?

    6 - 7 - 9? They are all amazing! Once u go digital, you'll never go back to whirrrrrrrr......
  10. Iceboy

    Aerator Improvement

    I have a reverse osmosis system for my house which makes my drinking and brewing water fantastic! And as an added bonus, I can use it for minnow water that I know won't hurt them with chlorine. I change the water every few days with water from my RO system that I leave out in my garage with my minnows so it's the same temp, and I have minnows that last all season that way. The only thing I've had to worry about is them freezing, which has sadly been a problem this year.
  11. Iceboy

    Late Feb Ice Fishing Suggestions

    Sounds like fun!
  12. Do you guys mean the poles pop out of the hubs? Or the hubs don't stay "sprung" out?
  13. I think the pole issue you are referring to was with the first generation design from a couple of years ago - there were lots of issues with those. The new ones have this taken care of, and I think a google search will verify this for you. I just bought a 949i and it is awesome! Really nice and the price is right.
  14. Iceboy

    Flasher Lithium Batteries

    I don't think there is anything special about that Solar Sportsman battery - the battery management system they advertise is a separate box, and I doubt he is carrying that around. I'm guessing all of these new lithium gel-replacement batteries have protection circuits built into them to keep them from running down too low or overcharging since they can put the same protection on 18650 cells for just a couple of dollars extra. Lithium batteries are extremely dangerous without these safety measures in place.
  15. Iceboy

    Flasher Lithium Batteries

    That is a lot - I just picked up a Bioenno Power 12V, 9Ah Lithium Ion battery for around $125 (with charger).