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  1. thanks for the great info fellas. brian I would be interested in any other options. so if you know of any smaller lakes that have muskies please let me know. It does sound like I will be able to handle Eagle just fine though. thanks again.
  2. Thanks guys, hey RK have you personally fished Eagle, or do you know of any other NW ontario lakes that are do-it-yourself good muskie lakes, besides LOW and Crow. thanks.
  3. I am in the process of planning a trip to Eagle Lake this summer. was wondering who has fished it, if there are campgrounds, and if it can be safely fished using a lake map. Also if it is a good lake compared to other drivable lakes in Ontario.
  4. how would I go about getting a copy of Pearson's book. I spend an adequate amount of time on LOW and it sounds like a great book.
  5. Grande Look up Dewey's taxidermy in Wadena. He has done a great job on our bucks. He should be able to handle your cape problem too. congrats on the big one.
  6. When managing a deer herd it does not matter if a female deer is an adult or a fawn. As long as it's a female it has the same affect on the herd. I personally don't hunt just to "kill". But if that is what someone believes in and there is no wanton waste involved, I will hold nothing against them. I will shoot a female fawn any day over a basket racked 6 or 8pt. I also think that fawns can handle a winter without their mom pretty well. In many areas the deer will "yard up" for the winter and fawns will feed where the other deer feed, just like if their mom was still around. So a food shortage would affect them the same way anyways. Good topic of discussion.
  7. icehawk which direction from st. joe were those mallards workin?
  8. Easy duck recipe that causes happy taste bud syndrome. This is what I prepared for me and my 5 roomates last week. 1 reynolds cooking bag (turkey size) However many ducks you can fit in the bag. I shoved 7 teal and a bill in there. Plucked whole. Shove a piece of yellow onion, green apple, and a clove of garlic into duck cavity. Season outside of duck with lawry's or similar substitue. toothpick one strip of bacon to breast. place ducks, breast up, in bag. I line them up in two rows of 4. poke a few holes in the bag to avoid duck bomb, and close bag. place bag with ducks in pan or cookie sheet. bake at 250 for 5-6 hours. Come out moist and full of flavor. I like it because you can enjoy the legs and skin of the duck. Put it in when you leave for hunting in the morning and enjoy it for lunch. You also don't have to go buy a bunch of spices you only use once a year. Enjoy!
  9. Does anyone know the water temperature at which tulibees spawn. I usually fish them in the ottertail river around thanksgiving, but I want to know the temperature so I can target the best time to troll for muskies.
  10. topwater my email is [email protected] Look forward to talkin muskies with you.
  11. I think I call cowslips, marsh marigolds, but when they are out it is time to start lookin for morels.
  12. here is a very interesting article on the history of muskies in MN. We are very lucky to have the fishery we do today. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/volunteer/marapr99/muskie.html
  13. You can winch for em. use an oz 2oz wieght and trail a spoon behind it and slow troll. It isn't the most sporting but it puts fish in the freezer.
  14. good arguments fellas. Another idea I was thinking of is making it legal to possess muskies only if you have a stamp. Similar to a trout stamp. I guess it might not work as well being that people can say they are fishing pike if asked to see their stamp, but requiring for someone to have a muskie stamp to possess muskie could work. There is always gonna be people that aren't going to care about the law, but it may help. It would also generate revenue. I know I would pay a few extra bucks if it meant a better muskie fishery. Don't get me wrong I think that the muskie fishery is great in MN, but there is always room for improvement. What are your guys' thoughts on this? Letemallgo!
  15. has anyone fished the lakes around OT for carp. I spear and shoot a lot in the spring, but never really learned how to fish for them. Any info would be great.
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