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  1. You don't have to measure it from both sides. However, there's no guaranteeing that the officer will measure it from the same side you did and if it comes up greater than 20 inches you could get a ticket.
  2. I take my wife fishing with me all the time. I was up on Vermilion this past week and she actually outfished me one day and not by a little bit. It was 78 and sunny and we caught about 15 walleyes. We both had an excellent time. I often tell friends that I'm not really sure if she likes fishing or just being with me. Either way, I'm a lucky man. Wally H
  3. Just remember that your bank or hsolist or any of these other places will never ask for you to confirm your information by sending you an email. My wife got one of those the other day that purported to be from the bank we actually used. I went there just to see how good it was and IMO it was very very good. If I weren't all around paranoid, I might have given them my info. Also, when posting email addresses, the people who are collecting these email addresses don't read these forums. They have programs that will farm the email addresses. So, instead of doing [email protected], mix it up with something like myEmailName (AT) somedomain.com. That way, humans reading it will still be able to interpret it but a program looking for the @ symbol will not. Wally
  4. There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idi*t - Steven Wright Won't let me put that word in. [This message has been edited by wallyH (edited 08-13-2004).]
  5. Thanks, I'll check that out. Wally
  6. Does anyone do much open water trolling, like out in deep water? A friend of mine has been doing it more with some success and says he only does it around dusk. Does this work during the middle of the day as well? Are there any guidelines to choosing where to do this at? Thanks, Wally
  7. wallyH

    Christmas Lake

    I've fished christmas twice in the last week and did not have any issues with boat traffic. As far as the trout go, didn't catch any. Hadn't been there in about 10 years. Are they still stocking this lake regularly? When I used to fish it we'd usually catch at least a couple every time out. We tried drifting crawlers and trolling with Rapalas. Didn't even mark anything on the graph. From reading the other posts, I think I need to try some other locations. When I'd been there before, we'd always caught them in the bay with the launch. Does anyone know what the depth of the thermocline is? In theory my depth finder will show it but when I turned up the sensitivity it appeared to be marking it at about 16-17 feet. Does that sound right? Wally
  8. wallyH


    I for the most part only wear it if I'm fishing alone or if it's cold. Helps keep the heat in. Wally
  9. wallyH

    Lighted bobbers

    My wife tries out different colors cause she's into that. I haven't noticed any difference. As far as size, I usually get the larger Thill bobber because I can cast further and if you're fishing over deeper water it's nice to be able to put on more weight to get it down faster. Wally H
  10. wallyH

    Lighted bobbers

    Hoyter, I've had problems with them as well. It can be difficult to turn them on and off and if you don't get it turned on all the way it can flicker or turn back off. The other lesson I learned this past year is to make sure the light is not pressing up against the top of the bobber when you put it away, that can turn it on and drain the battery. I still think that they're better than other ones I've tried. I'll have to try out the wavebuster rigs that people have been talking about though. WallyH
  11. In response to creating a special forum for the C&R guys. How about instead we create a forum called Dead Fish I Ate. I personally don't care either way, I eat some fish that I keep so don't feel I have the right to tell others they can't. However, this is a Forum where people have differing opinions. Forcing one faction out seems a little radical especially since there are quite a few responses from the meat eating crowd that are just as disrespectful as the people advocating for C&R. If the C&R guys want to preach then they should do it in a respectful way that's more educational than preachy. There are some guys on this site are good at that, others are just rude. Wally H
  12. wallyH

    Lighted bobbers

    I like the Thill bobbers. Like 2dalake I like the new ones with the yellow top, more visible before sunset. I prefer the thill because the line goes through the bobber from top to bottom. I had too many tangles using slip bobbers where the line only went through the hole in the bottom of the bobber. Wally H
  13. I went out last night and tried the bouy trick. Found a nice place where there was a rockpile right on the weedline. Caught 21 walleyes between 2 guys. Wally H
  14. I was up on Vermilion a couple weeks ago and caught almost all of my fish in 30-35 feet of water. All of them with a 3/8ths ounce jig fished vertically. Just point the trolling motor into the wind and do your best at keeping the line vertical. Takes some work but can pay off. Wally
  15. How exactly do you suppose this bust went. The officer's saying, "Wow, that's alot of walleye." And the violator responds with, "that's nothing, we have 40 more back at the hotel."
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