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  1. Got A Byte?

    fridgid wear at FF

    Has anyone used the fridgid wear bibs and jacket advertised at FF this week?
  2. Got A Byte?

    back up sump pump

    I purchased ace in the hole battery backup. I am going to install it soon.
  3. Got A Byte?

    which motor company?

    I have a 4 stroke Tohatsu 18. It has been a great motor. From what I have read they actually make the motors for many others. A nissan is the same thing with different stickers. I have also heard that they make the mercury 4 stroke motors under 25.
  4. Got A Byte?

    2000 lund rebel

    I typically fish smaller lakes. I just want something a little bigger and without benches because I take the kids out some now to.
  5. Got A Byte?

    2000 lund rebel

    I am looking at a 2000 lund rebel fishing boat with a 40 hp honda outboard motor. Looking for anyone who has experience with these type of boats. I am looking to upgrade from a older 16 lund with bench seats. I am debating if this boat is big enough for my needs. Does anyone have any alternatives to this boat they have used? maybe a Tracker or Alumacraft?
  6. Got A Byte?

    16 lund front platform and Remove middle seat flooring

    thanks for the info and time spend uploading the pics. Now I just need to start planning
  7. I am thinking about doing some customizations to my 16 lund boat. There are lots of good pictures and ideas here, but I am looking for how people build the structure underneath. Does anyone have good pictures of how they build the floor and front platform from a structural perspective. I have seen both alumnium and wood used. alum angle seems the way to go, but would like to learn more.
  8. Got A Byte?

    How do you get perch to bite

    Usually the problem is not getting them to bite, its getting them on your hook.
  9. Got A Byte?

    Right Sized Boat

    What brand did you switch to?
  10. Got A Byte?

    Regular Buddy vs. Big Buddy?

    I have a big buddy and it works well unless its really cold. I was using it in a Eskimo Grand Caravan. Its a pretty big flip over. When the sun went down and it was below zero I would get a little cold. I now have a mr. heater double burner for those really cold days.
  11. Got A Byte?

    Right Sized Boat

    I currently have a small 16' lund with the bench seats. It gets me out fishing but I am thinking about looking at something a little bigger and more conferatable, such as a pro v. I have seem some used with 60 -90 hp motors. I leave close to mille lacs and would like to get out there. but I also still enjoy the little lakes, so I dont want a monster boat or a boat payment. Does anyone have any advice on if a pro - v would be a good fit for this type of fishing? Or does anyone have a better option other tan a pro-v.
  12. Got A Byte?

    Heater suggestion for 2 man portable?

    I have a big buddy, but for the money I would go with the mr. heater cooker. It hooks to a 1lb or 20 lb and it puts out lots of heat.
  13. Got A Byte?

    Regular Buddy vs. Big Buddy?

    I have the largest eskimo flip house and a buddy is noth enough. I am guessing a 6x6 hub has just as much sq ft to heat. I would go bigger is better
  14. Got A Byte?

    Outboard Motor Repair

    I have a 2004 4 stroke Tohatsu 18 hp out board. It starts fine, but it misses and dogs out at the top end. I checked the spark plugs and they looked ok. I am thinking the carb needs to be serviced. Does anyone know of a reliable trustworthy place to take an outboard motor? I live in the St. Michael area.