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  1. Hafnutz

    30hp:vs:16 boat

    I have a 25 Suzuki 4 stroke on a 16.5 Lunker. It shows about 25 on my speedo with 2 people in it and some gear. Seems about right. A 40 would be my first choice. I guess it depends on the boat..
  2. Hafnutz

    Upgrade older

    I sold my 2000 Yammie 40hp 3cyl 2 stroke a couple years ago. It was by far the best running, smoothest 2 stroke engine I ever had the pleasure of owning. Every bit as nice as the 4 stroke Suzuki I have now but a little harder on fuel. I previously owned a very thirsty but smooth, Merc Classic 50 4 cyl 2 stroke and before that a 25 Johnson. Of them all the Johnson while dependable, ran like an old John Deere. I'd save up and buy one of the newer 2 strokes.
  3. Hafnutz

    Air bags for pickup

    I have Firestone Ride Rite on my Ram. They were super easy to install. No drilling except to mount air lines. Took about an hour by myself. I left the wheels on and crawled underneath. I think any of them are good. They all mount about the same way. I put my air lines in the bed next to the Trailer plug I mounted in the side wall. I can plug in my 12 volt compressor and change the pressure easily. Don't put on tee in the lines and connect them together. If you do when you go around a curve one will compress and send all the air to the other bag throwing off the balance.
  4. Hafnutz

    Need Advice for travel trailer SWAY......HELP PLEASE

    That's a mighty long travel trailer. Sway is often caused by not enough weight in front of the axle. Check how the rig is loaded. Many of these long trailers have rather poor road manners. I would also highly recommend a Equal-I-zer brand weight distributing hitch. I have owned a couple of them and they are pretty good for the price. Make sure you get the proper size for the tongue weight you have and take the time to set it up properly. I don't know if applying the trailer is the approved method to eliminate sway anymore. It used to be but according to my truck driving instructors it can also make the sway a lot worse. I would go for the proper hitch setup myself.
  5. Hafnutz

    Pulling my camper with a 3.7L V6

    The 3500# is the rating for the HITCH only. It doesn't mean your vehicle is rated for the same. With the weight you are talking about it should be okay but you need to check your owners manual and see what your combination of engine, transmission and gear ratio is rated to pull. You also need to look at your total gross combined veh. weight which will include your Jeep, cargo, trailer weight and cargo in the trailer. If it was mine I would like to have brakes on the trailer but that's your decision. You should also see if it is okay to tow that much weight in overdrive and if you need a larger transmission cooler.
  6. Hafnutz

    I need an East metro Harley mechanic

    If they were supposed to have changed all the seals 3 weeks ago, why don't you go back and see what they will do for you?
  7. Hafnutz

    Rain, rain & more rain!

    I've been chompin at the bit to roll a few hundred miles, but dang it takes forever to get it clean again after riding in the rain..
  8. Hafnutz

    GMC painted bumper rusting

    A good body shop can sandblast it and repaint it. If you buy a new one it will probably need to be painted to match anyway. There is a 3M clear film that can be put on after it's painted that will protect it. Body shop will know about it.
  9. Hafnutz

    Catalytic Converters & the Law

    If I'm not mistaken there is a paragraph on the title that states the emissions system hasn't been modified and is intact, or something like that. I don't believe they can sell it that way. They probably didn't do an inspection on it. Pretty sure they will have to fix it or give you your money back in which case they might just junk it out rather than deal with it.
  10. Hafnutz

    Eagle Trailers

    Most likely they did not make the lights themselves. Should be able to find replacement parts somewhere like Northern or Fleet Farm.
  11. Hafnutz

    Perminant trailer sticker

    I went the other way...My pontoon was issued a regular plate which has to be renewed every year. You are also supposed to have trailer brakes if over 3,000# (maybe 3500#). I managed to get a permanent sticker for it and threw the license plate out. Nobody ever checked one way or the other.
  12. Hafnutz

    Single vs Tandem Axle?

    Depends on the total gross weight of the trailer. Look at the sticker or vin plate on the lower left street side corner. Pay particular attention to the gross weight not the empty weight. Then take a look at the tires and see what capacity they have. It's often hard to find tires that will have enough weight capacity for a single axle trailer.
  13. Hafnutz

    12V heater for temp use in a P/U topper?

    My point is, to get even 5,000 BTUs of heat which would be a minimal amount to heat a pickup topper it will require 1500 watts of electricity. All radiant electric heaters operate at 100% efficiency. So they will all draw the same amount of power to produce an equal amount of heat. There are some 12 volt heaters available that would run on a battery for awhile. They will produce 300-400 BTUs of heat. About the same as having your dog breathing on your feet. There is no 12 volt electric heater available that I know of that will heat the inside. I think you are on the right track by looking at a heating pad of some sort...
  14. Hafnutz

    I know I can't the only

    I bought a Diamond custom seat back when my bike was almost new. It was made to fit my weight, my passengers weight and my inseam. Very good investment. Took a little while to get used to it, (still does) but we have lots of 700-800 mile days sitting on it. Easy to ride 150-175 between tanks without having to get off. The type of clothing you wear will have some bearing on "butt burn" as well. Anything you might be sitting on, seams in you underwear or jeans all add up. Some less expensive alternatives might be a sheepskin, some of those beaded seatcover things work too. They are ugly but help give a little ventilation. I bought one at Wally World and cut it down to fit. Still some good riding left..be safe.
  15. Hafnutz

    12V heater for temp use in a P/U topper?

    1500 watts = 5,250 BTUs. No way are you going to find a twelve volt heater that will even start to come close to those numbers. Nobody makes one...Maybe a Buddy Heater with the proper ventilation. I'd just get a better sleeping bag...